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My Natural Cat ® – My Natural K9 ®
My Natural Cat & Dog Kidney Support™

Human Grade & Organic Premix
For Making Homemade Cat & Dog Raw Diets

Holistic Care and Natural Raw Diets Are A Way of Life Here
The Homeopathic Veterinarians that care for our cats are
Anna Marie Gardner  MA.VetMB , Jeff Levy DVM, PCH
Russell Swift, DVM

Feline Instincts’ strong commitment to the continuous species appropriate feline diet and holistic health studies are dedicated to our beloved Bali, Lady Natascha, King Tut & King Ramses, who will remain in our hearts forever.

The True Carnivore, Domestic and Wild

“Take that by which I live and you take away my health and my very existence”

All cats, domestic and wild, were born to eat raw meat. Their naturally short and acidic digestive systems are meant to digest raw meat – Cats literally thrive on the raw enzymes provided only when it the meat is raw.

A raw diet will help to maintain the pH acidic environment necessary for their digestion and absorption of calcium. The acidic environment stimulates the pancreas to reduce digestive enzymes; this maintains pancreatic health and prevents atrophy of this important organ. The strong digestive secretions allow very few parasites to get past the stomach. It is important to note that commercial pet foods, which are cereal-based, do not nurture a naturally pH acidic stomach environment; because of this, Feline Diabetes, Feline Urinary problems (FUS) and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) in cats normally disappear when fed a raw diet. Alkaline diets generally disturb their digestive and urinary balance.

Feline Instincts have many years of experience with feeding raw diets to cats, and in collaboration with various holistic homeopathic veterinarians have created their premixes “My Natural Cat”, “My Natural Kidney Support” and “My Natural K9”, which contain all the vitamins & supplements that domestic pets need when fed on a raw diet.

A nutritionally balanced raw meat cat food diet has been beneficial for various feline illnesses such as:

  • CRF (Feline Chronic Renal Failure )
  • Feline Diabetes
  • IBD (Feline Irritable Bowel Disease)
  • FUS ( Feline Urological Syndrome)

In some cases has even helped to put feline cancer in remission in combination with holistic veterinarian remedies. Cats have a naturally pH acidic system. Cooked foods or commercial pet foods will not keep them healthy long because they eventually weaken their immune system.

 Your cat’s immune system has the ability to resist and recover from disease and injury. It regulates production of antibodies that aid in the destruction of bacteria and viruses. By feeding your cat a balanced raw meat diet supplemented with one of our premixes you can help keep their immune system strong.

Feline Instincts´ cats are not vaccinated , are treated homoeopathically and when fed a raw cat food diet they showed solid health improvements in just a few weeks. We marveled at the way they gained increased vitality and how their coats went from dry and oily to silky and shiny.

One of the most important questions that our customers always ask us is the following: 

Do I have to worry about Salmonella and parasites when feeding my cat raw meat?

Answer: No you don´t.  Watch this video by Dr. Becker explaining it.

Looking at products similar to ours?

Why pay more for other premixes and get less in your product?  Read the labels and see what they offer in their powdered premixes.  Our powdered premix products have more whole body support with natural and organic ingredients than any other and priced very fair. Click Here for our Ingredients Information.

Important Note:
We do not use powdered salmon oil or any kind of processed oils or ingredients in our products. The processing that goes into making any oil into a powder is not natural, period. We do not use “krill” (to replace salmon oil ) from the pacific oceans because of the radiation leaks from Japan. Canadian waters are also part of the Pacific ocean.

Feline Instincts does not claim their supplements cure any animal disease and they do not replace consulting with your veterinarian. The success stories on this website are with regard to raw meat diets.