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Raw Meat Dog Food Diet Success Stories from our Happy Canine Friends

Hi Felice,

Today I’m very happy, because my toy Yorkshire, ( Chispas 2), the results the blood text are very good. The recipe of K9 my natural cat, is working for him. He love the food, only he looses one pound, Know he weight 7 pounds. I give, 4 ounces in the morning and 4 ounces in the evening. But he is very happy. Thanks, Felice

Isabel -Brooklyn, NY


Hi Felice –

Just a note to tell you that Chispas LOVES the new dinner with the K-9 and has had no systemal/digestive problems whatsoever.  She’s getting healthier! As background, she was found abandoned in a ladies room in Baja Mexico about ten years ago, limping badly.  Over time her leg healed beautifully and we walk her more than a mile every day. She is thriving on your K9 diet

Thank you –

Dick R. – MA



Hi Felice

Becca is about 4.5 yrs now.  Got her at Phoenix Pound in Nov 2009. I moved to Redmond, Washington in May 2012. She is happy to be wherever I am.  the Pound  thought she was Chihuahua/Dachshund since then Pet smart puppy training department said Chihuahua/Corgi.  She is very sweet, lovey, cuddly and hardly ever barks.  She weighed 15 lbs. when I got her and had been eating whatever dry food the pound had.  When my other dog died in June of 2011 I decided I was going to feed her the raw meat diet that so many holistic and regular vets recommend.

I now make her dog food using My Natural K 9 recipe from Feline Instincts.  I use the dark meat ground turkey from Trader Joes, most of the time they are right about 1.5 lb. packages.  Then I add 1/2 cup of either organic canned pumpkin or organic canned sweet potatoes.  I take salmon oil from Carlson’s 2000 mg so just add two to the mix, poking a hole in end with hat pin.

I mix it large stainless steel bowl and use a large plastic spoon and then scoop into 3 ice cube trays.  I keep these designated items in a grocery bag with my apron and a towel.    I give her 3 nuggets in the morning and 3 at night.    It is an easy way to have a week’s worth of food for her.  If I go on  a trip with her I buy some freeze dried food from a pet store or take some good quality canned food and a can opener.  I going close by where there will be a freezer I take her bag of the K 9 with me in a chest of ice on top.

I take her to the park and walk at least 30 mins 6 – 7 days a week and she now weighs 12.9 pounds and has slim waist and strong legs.  She can run and keep up me and can run with other dogs, she likes to be chased or do the chasing.   People stop and say she is the cutest dog they have ever seen.  Of course, I think so~!

Beatrice – WA

Thank you, everyone at Feline Instincts LLC, for your great product (My Natural K9)  and the quick response to my order, with the easy email tracking from Fed Ex.  Glad you’re out there helping all the fur!

Much appreciation,
Lise on behalf of Chihuahuas, Gidget and Pip

Atticus in CA starts on his raw diet My Natural K9

 Dear Felice,

My dog, Jake, loves his new food!!! We have been using it a month now.

Teddy, TX

 Dear Felice and family,

Thank you from all of us for providing our dog Dakota with delicious and nutritious meals every day. He is currently 14 1/2 years old and going strong! Since switching him to My Natural K9, Dakota has lost 4 pounds and is now at his perfect weight. His skin, eyes and nose are healthy and shining, his digestion is more regular than it ever has been, and he never has the stomach upset that used to plague him periodically over the years. He used to be very finicky when eating, and never finish his meals, but now he eats his food immediately and with great gusto! I feel so good knowing that I am providing him with the best nutritional support that I can in his golden years!

Many thanks,
Kathleen, Che and Dakota
San Rafael, California

Hi Felice!

The Leba is working great on my greyhound!  Even his vet is impressed!  Any extra info you can send to pass on to her would be good!  I tried it on the cats and gave up, but am prepared to start again!  So I am needing 2 bottles of the LEBA.  Thanx Felice!  You and the critters have a wonderful day!

Gayle, Wis


My sister used your cat food preparation.  She got me a sample of your K-9 and my dog loves it!

Kay, Winston, GA

Hello My Natural K9!

I Wanted to write & tell you how very pleased I am with putting our dog Pudgy on the Feline Instincts My Natural K9 diet. I have a new dog. She was overweight and unable to walk around the block without getting out of breath. Now she can even jump in the car and run without getting out of breath. Her eyes are clear and not running. She is active and 12 years old to boot. She now weighs 5.5 pounds and looks forward to eating. She loves her food.

Both Pudgy and I thank you.

Nancy, MI


We are very pleased with your product.  Our yellow lab dropped from 78 to 62 pounds.  She has arthritis in her shoulder so we needed to get the extra weight off.  She looks great and has a lot of energy.  My border collie is 14 and has joint issues.  He dropped 7 pounds and has regained his energy.  So much, in fact, that he has gone back to his mischievous ways!  Both dogs are also taking Recovery SA.  We feel a combination of the supplement and raw food diet have changed the quality of their lives tremendously.

Kind regards,

Meridith , TX

Hi Felice,

I ordered your product for both my cats and my dog in early March.  All three cats love the mixture made with chicken (they are less enthusiastic about ground meat) and switching them over to this new diet was absolutely no problem.They acted as though they had been eating this way for years! One big difference we noticed immediately was that one of the cats, who was a prodigious shedder, no longer sheds!  As you can imagine, we’re delighted.  My dog also loves to eat raw, but at 94 pounds he eats a lot more than all three cats combined, so my problem is not having the frig/freezer space to keep the amount of raw meat that he goes through every week.  I’m thinking about buying a small freezer just for him!

Lucy, NY

Hi Feline Instincts Friends,

I have a 97 lb Deerhound that had IBD until I fed him a  raw diet with your supplements.

Thank you for making a wonderful product. My dog wouldn’t be as healthy and strong if not for his balanced raw diet.

Lezli, Charlottesville, VA


I have two adorable Shelties and a cat named Lionel that LOVE their raw diets! They don’t have itchy skin and they have more engery then they had when they were younger.

Thank You for all you do!

Margaret, Greensburg, PA

Cara passed away in 2007 from a liver failure. She had good quality of life for an additional 2 plus years with homeopathic care and a raw diet.

She will always be lovingly remembered by her family and Feline Instincts.

Help your Dog get healthier by changing to a homemade raw meat diet, supplemented with
“My Natural K9”

Help your feline become healthier by changing to a homemade raw meat cat food diet, supplemented with “My Natural Cat”.
Felice F Arata
Feline Instincts LLC
Homemade raw meat cat food premix