About Our Homemade Raw Food Diet Premix Powder for Felines and Dogs

The dry ingredients we use to manufacture our powdered premixes are human grade & organic and USDA approved with no preservatives, colors, or other artificial additives.  Feline Instincts’ powdered premixes for felines and dogs raw meats diets are a blend of dry ingredients, developed to help you make a nutritionally sound home-made raw diet easily for your feline or dog.

Feline Instincts’ powdered premixes very much resembles a raw diet that felines and dogs would eat in the wild when mixed with raw meats. The recipe requires only the addition of raw meat, raw liver, and water. The result is a nutritionally balanced raw food diet for felines and dogs of all ages.

Special note: If you are trying a raw diet for the first time please consider getting the My Natural Cat without the liver powder and use raw liver; there are a few felines that do not like the liver powder as a replacement for raw liver. However, sometimes they like it  an enticement on meals. All new orders get a sample of liver powder for this reason. You want to give your kitty every chance to accept a raw diet.

Our premixes are not meant to be sprinkled on raw meats, added just to water or other foods; you can harm you pet by using our supplements that way. Please use and prepare our raw diets as directed. Our feline and dog supplements are designed to be combined with raw meat, raw liver and water. Only then do our products represent a nutritionally balanced raw meat diet for your feline and dog.

There is no need for additional supplements in this diet other than your veterinarians’ addition of holistic remedies and natural supplements. In fact, additional supplements like Vitamin C (acidic) can over acidify your feline system and cause oxalate crystals in the urine which will lead to blocking urine flow.

Help your feline become healthier by changing to a homemade raw meat cat food diet, supplemented with “My Natural Cat”.


“My Natural K9″

Felice F Arata
Feline Instincts LLC
Homemade raw meat cat food premix

Looking at products similar to ours?

Why pay more for other homemade raw meat cat food premixes and get less in your product? Read the labels and see what they offer in their powdered premixes.

Our powdered homemade raw meat cat food   premix products have more whole body support with natural and organic ingredients than any other and priced very fair.

IMPORTANT Warning: We do not use powdered salmon oil or any kind of processed oils in our products. The processing that goes into making any oil into a powder is not natural, period. We do not use “krill” (to replace salmon oil ) from the pacific oceans because of the radiation leaks from Japan. Canadian waters are also part of the Pacific ocean.

We strive to provide the best products, customer service and support for our customers.