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The Difference Between Holistic Vets and Allopathic Vets

One point I’d like to mention about allopathic vets versus holistic vets – homeopathy veterinarians go to the same schools as allopathic vets. After graduating from one of several veterinarian schools, a vet with a will to learn a better way to help our animals, will often sign up to a holistic veterinarians school to receive additional years of schooling and become a skillful homeopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, chiropractor and animal nutritionist. holistic vets are more educated then allopathic vets.

Homeopathy briefly explained

Samuel Hahnemann in the late eighteenth century gave us formalized homeopathy. The principle of treatment is that medicines which create similar symptoms, which are also produced by the disease, are treated by that medicine. This principle has been recorded since classical Greek times. This principle is called “like cures like”. Hahnemann carried on his work and investigations tirelessly, but could not accumulate enough evidence of medical cure using this system. It was in 1812 when he could show the results of homeopathy by treating 180 cases of Typhus. Since then the effectiveness of homeopathy has been proved in a very very large number of patients. The same principle has been extended to all kinds of life including animal life.




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Reeves Mobile Vet Service – Horses and small animals.
House Call Vet in  Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas
J. Patrick Reeves DVM

Fabulous and caring vet!


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