Growing up I never felt I had a connection in this life or that I even belonged on this earth. …until I shared my life with a cat.

There was Toddles my first cat in my late teens and then came along August in my early 30’s. Then the finale of furry joys came prancing in my life; Natascha. King Ramses, King Tut and Bali, all within a year of each other. Each one living peacefully together with me flooded my existence with great joy and a sense of connection to this life. I called them my “Camelot Family”. When they left one by one within months of each it shattered my heart each time. They left me with many cherished memories that nothing can replace.

With great sadness…..Today, September 13, 2016, My sweet Prince Charming Caesar left today and now the last bit of my “Camelot Family “ and joy has broken me into pieces.

The hardest part of losing them is we couldn’t exchange our last words to each other like one does when a human loved one is dying.

How many times can a heart break and keep beating…

Caesar 1999-2016

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