About Feline Instincts

At Feline Instincts, we have always wanted our, without a doubt, very adored felines to be healthy, and we have taken great pleasure and pride in caring for them. Our felines are not “pets” to us; they are a loving and joyful part of our family. We have always believed that their lives should be as natural and healthy as we can provide for them. After Bali passed away and later our other precious feline King Ramses came down with FUS, we found out that nothing but a raw diet cured King Ramses; that was when we undoubtedly believed in the importance of a species appropriate raw meat cat food diet that nature designed felines to eat.

Our felines are not vaccinated anymore, are treated with homeopathic remedies and fed a homemade natural raw meat cat food diet. When fed a raw meat cat diet we saw solid health improvements in just weeks. We marveled at the way they gained increased vitality and how their coats went from dry and oily to silky and shiny.

Feline Instincts is a modest family business that is built on honesty and integrity. However, our real strength is in having the best homemade raw meat cat food premix for felines and dogs yet it is only a small piece of our successful company; having the best customer service known to feline lovers worldwide is the most important part of our love of felines and those who care for them naturally.

We stand by our products with pride. The formulations of our ingredients are based on the recommendations of our holistic veterinarians. They are expressly created for felines and dogs on a homemade raw meat food diets and are recommended by veterinarians across the country. Our feline raw meat diet is as easy as – just add meat, salmon oil & water

The Creation of Feline Instincts

about-feline-instincts-raw-meat-cat-food-caesarMy love of felines and their natural care has always been a passion of mine. After curing my feline King Ramses of FUS with a permanent feeding of a homemade raw meat cat food diet, I retired from real estate and longed to have a business that endorsed a feline’s species appropriate diet (raw meat), organic toys and holistic care. I mentioned my desire for a feline business to my dearest friend Kerry; many names were thought of but one was closest to being a “natural” fit for a feline.

Feline Instincts was born.

In the meantime, the feline digestive system became a subject of interest to me, and perhaps the main focus of all my learning during the years following the loss of Bali in 1997 and the birth of Feline Instincts. During those years I was constantly learning about feline health and disease and it usually came down to a matter of diet. Even the classical veterinary homeopaths I knew were aware of the importance of a raw meat-based cat food diet as a source of true wellness.

Back in 1981 Anitra Frazier, with the first edition of her book The Natural Cat, was really the first to create and pioneer a raw meat cat food recipe vitamin premix for felines, bringing natural health care awareness to feline lovers at the same time. Sadly, others have publicly claimed to be first and that is a great discredit to Anitra. In 1989 I actually did try Anitra’s “vita-mineral mix” to add to raw meats, that was a great list of ingredients. However, for me it was too time-consuming and my felines didn’t like it that much. Unfortunately, since I couldn’t get them to eat this kind of raw meat cat food recipe, my felines stayed with canned foods.

about-feline-instincts-raw-meat-cat-food-caesarHowever, after Bali’s death I became more aggressive in switching my felines to a homemade raw meat cat food diet and found variations of new raw meat cat food recipes for felines on homeopathic veterinary websites and natural animal health books; the word was spreading faster to feed a homemade raw meat cat food to our felines and I was very pleased.

While I was creating and developing recipes for my own felines, I was also learning about supplements, granulars and enzymes, and consulting with many suppliers and holistic vets about them. I tracked down what I felt were the best and most reputable sources of organic ingredients as well. All this time I was spreading the word and soon started being called on by family, friends and neighbors; it was almost impossible not to suggest what to do for their animals’ illnesses, now that I could see so clearly what would help.

My dedication to creating an all-in-one organic and natural homemade raw cat food premix became a major goal of mine. It would be so much easier for others to have an all-in-one supplement to mix with raw meat than having to mix several different kinds of ingredients together from scratch. It was then the dream of building a feline supplement company to support raw meat diets and other natural products was born.

I spoke with several holistic vets I knew who gave me insight into what they wanted in a raw meat cat food diet premix. After a great deal of research I put together an organic and human grade supplement with additional adrenal support by adding New Zealand adrenal glands, and a special combination of digestive enzymes and probiotic ingredients designed specifically for raw meat eaters that I have not seen in any other premix.

With recommendations and support from several classical homeopathic veterinarians, we created a nutritionally balanced premix expressly for felines and dogs on a homemade raw food diets. Our premixes are recommended by veterinarians across the country. All of our premix supplements are made with human grade and organic ingredients, approved by the AAFCO, and represent the best knowledge of professionals.

My Natural Cat & K9 premix was born.

We are a modest family-run business built on honesty and integrity. Our success comes from years of making a superior homemade raw meat cat food premix for a feline (or dog’s) raw meat diet and giving excellent customer service to feline lovers worldwide. In addition, we love and adore our work and our felines very much; we find it most gratifying and enjoyable to be able to share our years of research and experiences with anyone who has an interest.

Felice F. Arata (Reiki II)
President and Founder
Felice Instincts ® LLC

Homemade raw meat cat food premix.

Our homemade raw meat cat food recipes are as easy as – just add meat, salmon oil & water.

feline instincts baliBali (1990-1997)

Bali was an angel on earth as she is now in heaven.

Bali passed away unexpectedly in 1997 at the age of only seven years old, from feline congestive heart failure. In the wake of my incredible grief and sorrow over her passing, I spent many years researching better cat food diets and better feline health care for the rest of my felines.

Because of that research, my knowledge and experience, I have been able to help countless other feline owners all over the world find their way to holistic care and raw cat food diets. I sincerely hope I can help you too.