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felice and tutMy journey into the world of natural healing for animals began in earnest with the death of a beloved feline in 1997, though the feline digestive system had long been a subject of interest to me. Since then I have learned, through experience with my own cats, the importance of a natural raw meat diet and organ supplementation for these true carnivores in resisting disease. I have extensively explored certain common illnesses and their sometimes hidden causes, and began to use homeopathy on a regular basis, with amazing results.

In 1999 I founded my company, Feline Instincts® LLC, a line of registered, trademarked, veterinarian-supported products for use in making a raw diet at home. I have consulted with many of my thousands of customers nationally and around the world and have received countless success stories. My website contains some of these, as well as articles I have written about feline health issues, recipes, etc. (I have no previously published books.) I have also appeared on radio and on the Veria TV show “Natural Companions.”

I would like to share the tools and information I have acquired with cat owners who would prefer to avoid typical veterinary treatment and have healthier, longer-lived cats. The natural raw meat, grain-free diet is now known in many circles to be the best for felines, and so I feel my book fits in with current research and would be appearing at a good time. It is comprehensive in that it covers not only diet but also classical veterinary homeopathy, and may be the first book of its kind that is not only instructional but also based on personal experiences.

With warm regards,

Felice F. Arata
Author of the Book “Feline Instincts® My Natural Cats”
Founder & President of Feline Instincts® and My Natural Cat® Products


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