As per Dr. George Macleod of England (now deceased)
from the book “A Veterinary Materia Medica and Clinical Repertory”

A nosode is a disease product obtained from any affected part of the system in a case of illness and thereafter homeopathically potentised. (This being the KEY difference between shots and remedies) In specific bacterial, viral, protozoal, secretions.

The response of the tissue to invasion by any of these results in the formation of substances which are in effect the basis of the nosode. (All regular vaccines are made from diseased tissue too).

He goes on to explain use in prevention or disease. This requiring some homeopathic knowledge I have used only homeopathic nosodes with my felines since 1993 and my Maine Coons come from a cattery that has been using only them for many more years. In general consider them a boost to the immune system. To say more takes time and some understanding of homeopathy, which I have posted several times. My general guideline is a dose a day for four days, starting at about 6 weeks but earlier if fear of exposure or in a house where shots are given. Once a week for four weeks, once a month for six months, at least yearly after that, but if EVER exposed to other felines, I prefer every six months. And I have been known to recommend it more often in case of regally going to feline shows.

When you have bottles of pellets they can be given as the powder or made up in water as a dosage bottle, which makes them go really far. Please know I have been studying Homeopathy since 1988 and have a certificate in veterinary homeopathy. A Diploma in Homeopathy and a Fellowship from The British Institute of Homeopathy I AM NOT a Vet. I do this and other energy work.. I have been teaching Reiki since 1988 and using Flower Essences about as long. I also do Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Counseling with my Human clients I may be contacted by email or phone for current case work prices or remedies, flower essences, One the arguments has been that using allopathic or homeopathic nosodes are both fighting something that isn’t there…yet.

Homeopathy is an “Energy” medicine. That being said it is very hard to explain or understand for some people. It does require the acceptance that “Energy” does exist, therefore work, though it can not be seen and in this case not measured in traditional manners of science.

I have used “Energy” work for the last 15 years with great success. My first love is the hands on healing work I do called “Reiki” which means Universal energy. This on being the hardest to explain and I won’t push it on this list. But I can assure you it is very powerful “Medicine.” Flower Essences and Homeopathic remedies do not in any way compare to using other medicine. They work on the parts of our beings that is energetic, often not measurable.

Using them they help those parts of us to come into a better state of wellness, a balance of well being. They can help in the parts of us that science does not measure but many scientists do admit they are aware of. They work to help these parts be better, well, brought into balance, so that the “Physical” body does not have to be affected by imbalances that may be around. They can clear up a problem on the subtle levels so the physical does not get sick. They are very much for prevention of things that might happen. In fact that is the most important thing we can do, clean up the subtle bodies of unwanted energy, there by not having to have physical ailments.

Think of this as being exposed to a dis-ease, the germs, virus, etc, hanging around you, but your aren’t sick yet, like in the air around you…… and the energy essence you take as prevention just cleans them right up, all gone.

General Protocol for Using the Homeopathic Nosode for Animals or as advised by your Homeopathic Practioner)

One dose (2-3 pellets, 3-6 drops) a day for four days – One dose a week for four weeks – One dose a month for four months – One dose every six months till 2 or 3 years of age, or always if exposed to other animals, as in being outdoors or going to shows.

Once a year can be fine other wise for the Combos. If using specific individual Nosodes other ways may be useful. The Homeopathic Nosode for Rabies, Lyssin, is used with the actual vaccination as a preventive to the side effects. One dose may be enough, but it is verynecessary to observe the vaccination site for any lumps/swelling. If there are any symptoms and/or the continued use of yearly vaccines, Lyssin or other Homeopathic remedies must be considered to help in possible long term problems.

When doing regular Vaccinations the nosodes can be used in the same way or as advised to help with side effects.

Working with a Homeopathic Practioner is always best, following the instructions for your particular situation. Making Dosage bottles for any homeopathic remedies.

Making up dosage bottles, put 5-6 pellets in a bottle of purified water (¢ ounce). When the pellets have dissolved, shake by pounding on hand at least 20 times. A few drops of alcohol may be added but is not necessary. This can then be put directly in the mouth or in a water dish.

This makes dosing easier and the amount of pellets used will go further. Be sure that the dosage bottle remains clear looking. Liquids without alcohol that are touched to a mouth will become contaminated over a period of time. If the liquid appears to have something in it, a new bottle should be made. Other wise the dosage bottle should be good until empty.

-Cheryl Yvonne Lanz

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