Thank you DR Becker for your words of truth!

Figuring out the best diet for your dog or cat comes down to learning what foods are necessary for a carnivore to thrive, and which are unnecessary. Dogs and cats require quality protein from animal meat, fats, and a small amount of vegetables and fruits, which provide antioxidants and fiber to animals that no longer hunt whole prey.

They also need added natural sources of trace minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids, since the soils in which foods are grown today are depleted of many essential nutrients. Also, food storage, whether it’s in a freezer or a pantry, decreases critical essential fatty acid levels in foods.

Your dog or cat needs unadulterated, fresh, whole foods that are moisture dense. She doesn’t need grains, fillers, artificial preservatives, colors, additives, miscellaneous chemicals, byproducts, or processed ingredients. Although your pet can eat some processed foods, she isn’t designed to consume a lifetime of dry or canned diets.

No processed food is “natural.” Whatever real food may have been included in the raw materials used to make prepared pet diets is no longer “natural,” and certainly not “organic” by the time it is processed and packaged. Processed food is designed to be storable for long periods and convenient to use. It isn’t designed to be whole, fresh and natural – and no amount of marketing spin or clever labeling should convince you otherwise.