“How did I hear about Feline Instincts?” From a FB friend, she is from Taiwan and her feline has CRF. The main reason why I order Feline Instincts Renal Support is for my friend’s feline called “summer”.Summer is a domestic Black /white feline (4years old) and born with POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE.

She has been diagnosed with PKD around 1.5 years old ago. Summer’s vet has prescribed  K/D to Summer but Summer doesn’t like to eat K/D or any kind of dry food.
She likes canned food however there is no canned K/D selling in Taiwan as the mad cow disease alert. Summer starts losing weight slowly  and blood test is getting worse.

So around this year May, I asked my friend see if he likes to try this product, I can order it and send it to him.

He is willing to try and also Summer’s Vet. Summer’s Vet carefully monitors summer blood test since Summer starts taking Feline Instincts Renal Support.

Because of Feline Instincts Renal Support , Summer has a better blood test result and starts to gain weight. That’s the thing my friend has never thought it would happen.

Thanks Feline Instincts.
I do hope someday this product is selling in Taiwan.

Jeanie – CA