BEWARE of this company “Hinterland Herbs”, for the way they treat customers!

When we were inquiring about the cost of their catnip product and found it was $40 a pound. We thanked them for their time and explained it was too expensive and would find it someplace else or with Frontier who we always order from and who carried Organic Catnip. Their reply was cruel and disgusting. See for yourself…

Hinterland Herbs replies:
“Our price is fine; you’re just cheap. Don’t kid yourself. We know what’s available on amazon and ebay – most of it is trash. If your cat chokes and dies on the sawdust they add as filler, or ingests some of the toxic pesticides that is often present on the cheap junk, rest assured in knowing that it is only $40 or so to get a new cat. Good that you saved a few bucks.”


We replied that we would spread how gruel they were all over social media and this was their reply again:

“Go right ahead, we’ll expose you for the lying cat murderer that you are. ”

Please spread the word about this company.