Beware, We Have only One Distributor in China

feline-instincts-in-chinaFeline Instincts LLC is a registered trade mark, as are all our product names. We have only one authorized dealer that sells our feline and canine products in China; Formeow is the only legal reseller of our products in China.

Attention China customer: We do not ship to Transfer Houses that ship to China to bypass purchasing from our China distributor. Addresses are validated to find Transfer Houses in all orders and refunded immediately. Order from our China distributor.

China is notorious for copying everything. If anyone else is selling our products in China please verify the product source and person you are purchasing it from with us before you purchase it.

Help your feline become healthier by changing to a homemade raw meat cat food diet, supplemented with “My Natural Cat”.

Felice F Arata
Feline Instincts LLC
Homemade raw meat cat food premix


My Natural Cat Book

Order the book in in the shopping menu.  For more information on Felice Arata´s new book visit:


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