Jake’s Kidney Success Story

Our Jake was getting listless, losing his appetite, and a bunch of other symptoms - he was certainly not himself. He was diagnosed with renal failure. He was about 15 years old at the time - senior, but certainly not near the end of the line. We were really worried. A...

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Raw Beef Can Cause Vomiting in Cats

I try to guide cat owners towards using a raw chicken recipe because some cats will vomit beef meats. To know if the chicken you purchase is fresh, smell it. Raw chicken has NO SMELL. And please buy from a store you know and purchase meats you would buy for yourself....

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Raw Feeding Success Stories

The breeder of my kitten (the one laying down) turned me onto your food! KC Riddle from Wesa Cattery in Vegas told me I need to buy only your food, so now I feed everyone your food! This is what I’ve noticed…. Minky my 18 year old F1 Savannah (the big guy) his...

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How to Prevent Your Felines’ Early Death

The most important care you can give your feline. next to feeding a raw diet, is a yearly blood test to see if something is starting to go wrong before it's too late. It breaks my heart when I get a call about a kitty dying because of an organ failure that I know...

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Feline Fact

Cats Sweat Through Their Foot Pads Like dogs, sweat glands are only found on cats’ paws. You can often find wet spots from their paws when they are sweating in the hot months. But more often when they are hot, cats look for a cool place to lay down.

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Protect those aging kidneys

I suggest giving your kitty or dog one tablet a day of Standard Process's Feline Renal Support tablets. I have given this supplement tablets to all our cats starting from 7 years of age just for additional support from the aging process in addition to feeding them our...

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The Feline and Canine Liver

When your fur friend gets a little older you should start detoxing their liver Milk Thistle; dog or cats.   My experience with feline liver failure has been scary to say the least. A cat can show no signs of any problem until the liver is just about gone!   I detox...

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Diabetes Success Story

Dear Felice, I would like to share the Successful Story of my cat friend’s Cat. Fat Cheung was 8 years old in June 19, start to vomit on 2018 December 20, refused to eat. On December 22, he went to veterinary to do blood test, the blood test results are high blood...

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Cats Are Often Lactose Intolerant

Feline Fact: Cats Are Often Lactose Intolerant Even though most cats love milk, it doesn’t mean that milk loves them back. Cats have trouble digesting lactose, which can upset their stomachs and lead to diarrhea.

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When Cats Leave Their Poop Uncovered ….

When Cats Leave Their Poop Uncovered It’s a Sign of Aggression Cats are territorial by nature and use urine and other signals to demonstrate dominance or a higher position on the hierarchy. In colonies, subordinate cats cover their poop, while dominant cats leave...

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