Tobie has success with Feline Instincts raw cat food

Tobie has success with Feline Instincts raw cat food ...Thank you Karen for sharing your beautiful Tobie and her story with us all.. I have been a customer now for over a year now. Tried several companies before finding your website. We are very happy with the...

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Raw Meat Cat Food Diet

Felines are true carnivore's and their bodies have been designed to derive its needed nutrients from raw meat food. Cooked food takes longer to digest and therefore requires more of the felines energy. Heat also destroys enzymes and antioxidants, which are very...

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Raw Cat Food Kidney Recipe

We are thrilled to hear that Miss Chaka has great success with our Feline Instincts homemade raw cat food kidney recipe... I have been using your Feline Instincts raw cat food kidney recipe with raw organic lamb/chicken for over 6 months and my 18 year old kitty has...

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Feline Vaccine overdose and pancreatitis disease

Feline Vaccine overdose and pancreatitis disease.. Pancreatitis Since I used chronic gastroenteritis as my example in the main story, lets continue on with that topic. Acute feline pancreatitis and chronic recurring pancreatitis has become a frequent diagnosis in...

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We Do Not Feed Raw Pork To Our felines

We do not advise the use of raw pork in the recipes because pigs may carry many disease causing pathogens including Trichinella and the virus that causes Pseudorabies (Aujeszky's disease). Fish is also not recommended to be used in the diet. Raw fish fed in excess can...

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Feline Kidney Support saves another kitty and amazes a vet

I have to tell you that my cats turn their noses up at any other food now.  In the past, I've not ordered soon enough and had to purchase raw food.  They take a few bites each time and give me the evil eye.....until they see me mixing their Feline Instincts!! My...

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My Natural Cats Book

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