Feline raw diet and the kidney blood work values…

Regarding the feline raw diet and the kidney blood work values; Phos, creatine and BUN…. I frequently have emails saying their cat, while eating a raw diet, has been diagnosed with the beginnings of kidney failure. They ask if they should start feeding our Kidney...

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Why Did My Cat Develop Hyperthyroidism ?

Treated holistically and with a raw diet you will extend the life of your cat. Dr Gardner prescribes to this disease with a thyroid supplement that worked for my Cat. We are not certain yet. But here are some things we do know: Veterinarians did not notice that house...

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Shipping Costs

It's been brought to my attention too often that my shipping fees are too high and I want to set the record straight for the few that complain about this. I know times are tough but I am truly not over charging anyone to ship their order.. Shipping is not “too high”!...

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Teeth Cleaning Precautions for older Cats and Dogs..

Make sure this vet cares for her as a senior cat and that means she gets NO preshot!! They should only give her gas and nothing else to put her to sleep! She will have less stress on her kidneys and wake up faster. Also, be VERY sure the vet does this cleaning and...

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Feline or Canine Raw Diets verses Commercial Pet Foods

Commercial Pet Foods Healthy Choice Or Deadly Mistake?   Every year the pet food industry makes millions of dollars selling their products that claim they are a "Complete and Balanced Diet," but commercial pet foods are unfit for animal consumption. The American...

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The Best Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

Thank you DR Becker for your words of truth! Figuring out the best diet for your dog or cat comes down to learning what foods are necessary for a carnivore to thrive, and which are unnecessary. Dogs and cats require quality protein from animal meat, fats, and a small...

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My Natural Cat Book

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