Feline Hyperthyroidism

This illness is mentioned in my book "My Natural Cats" in detail and how Dr Gardner cured my cat of this. Treated holistically and with a raw diet you will extend the life of your cat. Dr Gardner prescribes to this disease with a thyroid supplement that worked for my...

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Feline Diabetes

Feline Diabetes There is more and more cases of type 1 diabetes seen in our animal patients. Contrary to popular belief, insulin although necessary in these cases, is often unsatisfactory in providing stabilization of the disease or in providing adequate quality of...

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My Natural Cats; I loved your book!!!

I found Countrycare Animal Complex, Inc./Karen Strickfaden, DVM who practices holistic care when I was doing research on the Renafood that you suggested. I am so thankful to finally have a vet. who practices holistic medicine. Karen is very knowledgeable, caring and...

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Feline Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis Since I used chronic gastroenteritis as my example in the main story, lets continue on with that   topic. Acute pancreatitis and chronic recurring pancreatitis has become a frequent   diagnosis in conventional veterinary circles. We used to believe that...

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The Feline Liver Has Low Tolerance To Toxins

Many substances are especially toxic to cats because the liver has a low capacity to metabolize them. To repeat what Dr. Patrick Reeves stated, “Cats have a very low tolerance to toxins. If you give a Tylenol to a cat they are dead in 30 minutes. Not so for a dog.” As...

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Feline or Canine Liver Detox

In blood work for either a cat, dog or human the ALT levels stand for the liver, If this is elevated you need to get a handle on it right away or your pet will be in liver failure before you know it and by that time the liver will be so far gone you won’t get it back...

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Prevent Feline Urinary Disease

Several times a week I have to explain how to keep a cats urine acidic and why they so often get (especially the males cats) UTI; urinary blockages and or infections. So I want to post it here in hopes it enlightens someone who reads my posts and is curious about why...

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My Natural Cat Book

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