My Natural Cats book shipping prices

"My Natural Cats" book at sells our book with media shipping if you just want the my book and not with other products from our website ; we also sell my book on Feline Instinct, shipping is just $1.50 more when ordered...

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Conventional vets speak illogically about raw diets

Some conventional vets will say anything to put fear into their clients and keep them from feeding raw. I often hear illogical statements from them through my clients, such as “don’t feed your cat raw because when he licks you you’ll get salmonella.” My reply was,...

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Dinah Kitty Loves Her Raw Cat Food

Thank you Sarah in IA for the fabulous pictures and compliments.. Thank you so much for being an invaluable resource for improving the health of my cat! After several months of research, and finally getting her on wet food, I made my own cat food with your premix. She...

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17 Yr Old Cats’ Weight is Balanced On a Raw Diet

I just wanted to write to you about how happy and healthy my 17 year old Siamese are now that I have them on a raw food diet. When I was first considering this, the lady at the pet store told me 'good luck' as if it was impossible to do, but using Feline Instincts...

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My Natural Cat Book

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