FUS Gone After Eating A Raw Diet

Thank you Felice! Jax is almost done with his first bag of My Natural Cat supplement.  He loves it with ground beef, ground veal, and turkey.  I found frozen raw calf liver at my local Whole Foods and I was ecstatic to mix it with the beef and veal.  So far, it's been...

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K9 Premix Raw Diet Works Great for Chispas

Today I’m very happy, because my toy Yorkshire, ( chispas), the results the blood text are very good. The recipe of K9 my natural cat, is working for him. He love the food, only he looses one pound, Know he weight 7 pounds. I give, 4 ounces in the morning and 4 ounces...

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IBS Kitty Is All Better Now After Eating Raw Diet

Hi Felice Thanks for your great service and food.  I have 3 cats - a healthy old girl, an IBS 7 year old and a healthy young boy.   The food has worked a miracle on the IBS cat for which I'm forever grateful.  The young cat always had a lovely sleek coat and with raw...

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Feline Kidney Failure Reversed by Raw Kidney Support Diet

Hello, Exactly one year ago, my cat Tosca was desperately ill.  The vet told me she had complete renal failure and would have to be put down.  Her blood test results were off the charts.  She was just shy of her third birthday, and only a month earlier had seemed...

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Feline Raw Diet for Cubby and Maggie Fantastic Review

Hello ! My 2 sweethearts,Cubby and his Mama,Maggie, wanted me to let you know how much they LOVE your Nat. Cat Mix !!! They are 14 and 15 yrs. old , and have mainly eaten "Wellness" grain-free canned food all their lives. Periodically through the years I have given...

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Main Coon “Blue” Gets Well On Raw Diet

"Hi! I have a Maine Coon cat named Blue. he is 13 years old. About 6 months ago he started to throw up pretty frequently, and was peeing LOTS. I had a cat that died from diabetes, and I saw that Blue was starting to show symptoms. Scared me! I started researching...

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Vaccine Overdose By Many Vets

I don't vaccinate my cats and never will. There are laws yes, but we can't go to jail if we don't vaccinate. However, some vets will refuse to treat your cat or dog if not vaccinated and eating a raw diet; I just went through this here in Florida but I was able to...

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Feline Constipation Causes & Natural Remedies

I’ve cats all my life and only twice have I had to help a cat pass his stools, fur ball gel, more Metamucil fiber or a stool softening suppository method in an emergency. Caesar recently had to have all three remedies because he was trying to pass two stools at once...

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Feline IBD Success Story For Monty and His Brothers!

Hello Felice! My package arrived today!  Thank you for the liver sample!  I'm happy to report that I made the switch over the weekend to just the plain raw with organs, and not only did the vomiting stopped immediately for the two younger boys (who love raw), on...

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My Natural Cat Book

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