Feline/K9 Kidney Diet Extended Life of Angela For 5 Years

Hi Felice, I just want to drop you a note to say thank you for helping me keep my beloved kitty, Angela, for, I'd bet, at least four more years than I would have had her if it weren't for you.  The Feline Instincts kidney support diet you advised and that I kept her...

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Kidney Support For Healthy Cats or Kidney Failure

Give your kitty one tablet a day of Standard Process's Renafood tablets or Feline Renal Support. We give one Renafood supplement tablet to all our cats starting from 7 years of age just for additional support from the aging process. None of our cats past or present...

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After Vaccine Detox

After any vaccine you may use homeopathic Thuja 30 c (Whole Foods has this or get it online at 1 dose as protection to adjuvants; side effects of vaccines. Crush the tiny pellets inside a clean sheet of paper folded twice then tap the crushed...

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Feline Savannah’s Eat A Raw Diet

A new breeder of the most domestic kind of exotic cats has come to Feline Instincts for a balanced raw diet, Savannah's cat from Wesa Savannah's is enjoying My Natural Cat raw diet recipe and we are very proud to welcome them all to Feline Instincts.  

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Main Coons Love My Natural Cat Raw Diet & Our Book

Hello **** WONDERFUL FELINE INSTINCTS CO~ *** I am so THANKFUL that I have found you!  ( And I do believe my Maine Coons Cats are MORE delighted that I have found you!) I am feeding them a Raw Diet now using your **MY NATURAL CAT PREMIX PLUS CHICKEN LIVER** and your...

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14 Year old kitty With Irritable Bowel

I have a 14 year old kitty with irritable bowel, and was at whits end trying all the commercial foods that are supposed to help (Prescription Diet, Royal Canin, etc…) and a friend recommended Feline Instincts a couple years ago.  Sarafina (my cat) has been on your...

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My Natural Cat Book

Order the book in in the shopping menu.  For more information on Felice Arata´s new book visit:


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