Another Pet Food Recall!

RECALL ALERT: Natura Pet has confirmed they are recalling at least 20 pet food products affecting dogs, cats, and ferrets. The products listed below may be contaminated with salmonella. These products appear to be distributed nationwide through Pet-Co, various online...

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Decker Before and After a Raw Home Made Cat Food Diet

Decker was found in June 2012 eating sunflower seed shells in my back yard and live trapped 3 days later.  He only weighed 6lbs, was merely a skeleton and was very ill.  We eventually found out he also had IBD and was stooling anywhere from 7-10times daily.  He did...

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Homemade Raw Meat Cats Diet Success Story

Dry pet foods slowly destroy a cats kidneys... Felice Here's the promised photo of my new "kids" they've been on your food since I was able to get them detoxed from the "evil" dry food. I got them from the Humane Society, Max is the bigger brother & Scully is my...

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“My Natural Cats” book is Reviewed From India

Dear Felice, I received your book "My Natural Cats, A True Story". Thank you so much for this.I'll preserve this book till the end of my life.It is excellent.It is" Bible" for Cat lovers.You definitely expect some good orders of this book from India very shortly. I...

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A Cat Named “Whiskey” Is Cured of IBD

A Cat Named “Whiskey” Is Cured of IBD

Hi Felice, Hope you are well. Here is a picture of our cat Whiskey. Taste testing his latest batch of chicken complete with MNC [My Natural Cat]. He is featured on your IBD success stories page. He is a little more muscular and heavier now, even though he is off...

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Chicken Liver Power Success

All three of my kitties love the MNC recipe made with ground turkey thigh from Whole Foods with a little CL Powder sprinkled on top. Patricia - CA

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My Natural Cat Book

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