CRF Success Story from Anton in NY

Hello Felice, I have now blood work showing that your diet has completely reversed Samantha's kidney failure, as her levels are back to normal. Notice that records show she was out cold a couple of years ago and needed blood transfusion etc. She is in her mid-late...

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Our babies are thriving on MNC!

Thank you, Felice! Our babies are thriving on MNC! Seven months symptom free of what Dr. Gardner said was a severe case of IBD. Praise The Lord for leading us to your food products! Happy thanksgiving! Jessica -Texas

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Shipping delay update

Feline Instincts’ shipping will be delayed for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays while we move to Florida. Delayed from November 12th to the 30th. Shipping delayed from December the 23th through January 2nd 2013. Please make sure you are stocked up before the...

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Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 ) Is Given Daily To My Cats

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 )  I give Caesar and Alex one CQ 10 by VetriScience a day. Why? For their heart and gums but, CoQ10 also replenishes the cellular energy that makes energy for just about every cell in my cats’ body. Nearly every single body functions depends on it;...

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New Enticement Idea For Raw Diet Beginners

I always welcome new ideas to entice cats to eat raw for the first time if all other suggestion from our brochure fails. Feline Forflora by Purina is a new enticement discovered by a few customers. Please use just enough to get the cat to eat because to much will...

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Is Your Kitty New To Eating a Raw Meat Diet?

If you are trying a raw diet for the first time please consider getting the My Natural Cat without the liver powder and use raw liver; there are a few cats that do not like the liver powder as a replacement for raw liver. However, sometimes they like it  an enticement...

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A Raw Food Kibble?

By Dr. Becker I was recently made aware of a new type of pet food on the market: "raw kibble." This product, available for both cats and dogs, is actually a blend of grain-free kibble and chunks of freeze-dried raw meat. According to, the new...

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Natural Breeders

Natural Breeders These are just a few that raise their cats on raw and homeopathic care. Crystal from Crystal Pond Breeder says this: Your website is a resource vital to what I do. Your product has become the foundation.  You’re site alone is great for my adopters,...

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My Natural Cat Book

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