Is Your Kitty New To Eating a Raw Meat Diet?

If you are trying a raw diet for the first time please consider getting the My Natural Cat without the liver powder and use raw liver; there are a few cats that do not like the liver powder as a replacement for raw liver. However, sometimes they like it  an enticement...

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A Raw Food Kibble?

By Dr. Becker I was recently made aware of a new type of pet food on the market: "raw kibble." This product, available for both cats and dogs, is actually a blend of grain-free kibble and chunks of freeze-dried raw meat. According to, the new...

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Natural Breeders

Natural Breeders These are just a few that raise their cats on raw and homeopathic care. Crystal from Crystal Pond Breeder says this: Your website is a resource vital to what I do. Your product has become the foundation.  You’re site alone is great for my adopters,...

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Living longer lives on commercial foods?

Now and then I am asked; why do some cats that eat commercial pet foods all their life and live to be 20, yet never ate a raw diet? My first thought is WOW, I wonder how much longer that cat would have lived if fed a raw diet. Genes is the answer and the more we feed...

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Glandulars Simply Explained

 Alex and Caesar receive a whole body glandular tablet almost every day to support their immune system. This is more than just the individual organ support I discussed in my article “12-Year Study on Organ Support” and provides additional help as they grow older and...

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My Natural Cats Book

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