Protect those aging kidneys

I suggest giving your kitty or dog one tablet a day of Standard Process's Feline Renal Support tablets. I have given this supplement tablets to all our cats starting from 7 years of age just for additional support from the aging process in addition to feeding them our...

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The Feline and Canine Liver

When your fur friend gets a little older you should start detoxing their liver Milk Thistle; dog or cats.   My experience with feline liver failure has been scary to say the least. A cat can show no signs of any problem until the liver is just about gone!   I detox...

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Diabetes Success Story

Dear Felice, I would like to share the Successful Story of my cat friend’s Cat. Fat Cheung was 8 years old in June 19, start to vomit on 2018 December 20, refused to eat. On December 22, he went to veterinary to do blood test, the blood test results are high blood...

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Cats Are Often Lactose Intolerant

Feline Fact: Cats Are Often Lactose Intolerant Even though most cats love milk, it doesn’t mean that milk loves them back. Cats have trouble digesting lactose, which can upset their stomachs and lead to diarrhea.

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When Cats Leave Their Poop Uncovered ….

When Cats Leave Their Poop Uncovered It’s a Sign of Aggression Cats are territorial by nature and use urine and other signals to demonstrate dominance or a higher position on the hierarchy. In colonies, subordinate cats cover their poop, while dominant cats leave...

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A Cat Can Jump Six Times Its Length

Cats have powerful muscles in their back legs that help them leap far (fun fact: they use their tail for balance). That is why they have no problem jumping on tabletops and even in some case to the top of the refrigerator.

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Pet safety Carrier for a Car.

Thank you Fred for this important pet carrier safety information... In my research I came across the Center for Pet Safety, Among other things, they researched which pet carriers on the market will allow a pet to survive a car crash. I bought the carrier on...

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Rosemary Extract Used In All Preground Poultry Meats

Rosemary Extract used in all pre-ground poultry such as Turkey. I have been telling everyone to not use this meat becasue of it's toxicity to cats. However, I asked Dr Wolf again about this and she replied here...‘Toxicity. Rosemary is not listed on the American...

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Willa’s Success

Willas’ success story... Hello - I’m writing to let you know how incredibly grateful I am to have found your product!  I have 5 cats, and while it was the health concerns of 1 that directed me to your site, all my kitties are now eating raw food with your supplement...

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My Natural Cats Book

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