Willa’s success story

Hello - I’m writing to let you know how incredibly grateful I am to have found your product!  I have 5 cats, and while it was the health concerns of 1 that directed me to your site, all my kitties are now eating raw food with your supplement and doing beautifully. My...

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Raw Fish Can Be Bad for Cats

Another delicacy cartoons would have you believe cats love is raw fish, which may actually be bad for them. Uncooked fish can contain bacteria that are harmful to cats and can cause food poisoning. Also, an enzyme in raw fish destroys thiamine, an essential B vitamin,...

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We adopted Ziggy, a Ragamuffin kitten, a little over three years. We continued to feed him the costly cat/kitten grain-free food that he had always eaten. He began to get colitis every 8-10 weeks within a few months of adopting him. He would run a high fever, vomit,...

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After surgery recovery wrap. SO much better then a cone!

Thanks to Cindy for her great idea when her Mr Thomas had to ware a cone for his post surgery of a fatty tumor. Mr Thomas was licking the stitches so the vet put one of those cones on it that scared not only him but all his feline friends in the house as well. So...

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Dry Foods and Kidney Problems

Feeding dry foods is what causes creatine levels to be higher then normal unless there is a tumor or a deformity of the kidneys. Dry foods no matter what kind it is will dehydrate the kidneys causing the cat or dog to drink more water. This makes the kidneys work...

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An Obligate Carnivore

An obligate carnivore (or true carnivore) is an animal that must eat meat in order to thrive (Syufy 2008). They may eat other foods, such as fruits, honey, grains, and so forth, but meat must be included in their diet. True carnivores lack the physiology required for...

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My Natural K9 Raw Diet Premix

We are so happy with your raw food diet!  Our 2 cats and one giant dog love it and seem to be doing well on it.  Our dog's tummy likes it way better than the "high quality" grain free dog food we had her on initially.  Thanks so very much. Jenny in CO

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Tips on Preventative Care For Cancer & Liver

It has been my personal goal to have my cats live well into their late 20’s or longer if I can. I was successful for four to reach 17,19 and 20 when all their organs were normal yet cancer is what took them. Still, that void they left in my heart and life, even losing...

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Feline Liver and Toxins

What you need to know about the feline liver. The Feline Liver Has Low Tolerance To Toxins and is just another reason why you need to get them blood work every year and sooner from ages of 12 up.... Many substances are especially toxic to cats because their liver has...

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Rosemary Extract Warning

Rosemary Extract is toxic to cats and dog...I just found out that Jenno ground turkey is adding this to their meats now! I had to dump all three recipes I was making. Thank heavens I saw it in the ingredient list on the package before I finished the mix. Look for it...

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My Natural Cats Book

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