Declawing is Painful and Horrific!

Most people think that declawing is simply a clipping of the claws, but the reality is so much worse than that… it’s actually an amputation of the last digit of each “finger” on a cat’s paw! Some cats are so unlucky to be declawed on all four paws, but it’s more...

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Holistic Vets That Accept Phone Consults

Brighthaven's holistic no kill sanctuary list of holistic vets that do phone consults. Highly Recommended Classical Veterinary Homeopaths (in alphabetical order) Christine Barrett, DVM. 530 367 3672 Chris has been BrightHaven’s supervising veterinarian since 2005 and...

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How to Keep Your Cats Teeth Clean Naturally

Nine Years of Research by Feline Instincts Keeping your felines teeth clean. For nine years, Feline Instincts has fed our kitty Alex plain raw meats once a day in conjunction to his twice a day raw meals made with our premix My Natural Cat to see if his teeth would...

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The “Rolls Royce of Cat food”

In his second year of vet school this nice man said our My Natural Cat product is "the Rolls Royce of cat foods" . 🙂 Hi Felice, I just thought you'd like to hear this: I have a young neighbor who is in his second year of the graduate Veterinary program at Cornell....

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Fantastic Success Story

Hi Felice, Just wanted to give you an update on my cat Milo’s health – after 10 years on your supplements for the raw diet.  I see his success story is still on your website when he was 2!  🙂 He was just at the vet, he’s 11yrs old now.  We never had him vaccinated...

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Feline Liver Fluke Worm Is A Killer

Opisthorchis Felineus Infection in Cats. The cat liver fluke, also known as Opisthorchis felineus, is a trematode parasite that lives in water. It hitches a ride with an intermediate host, typically the land snail, which is then ingested by another intermediate host,...

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Feeding Raw Pork Is Not Advised

We do not advise the use of raw pork in the recipes because pigs may carry many disease causing pathogens including Trichinella and the virus that causes Pseudorabies (Aujeszky's disease). Fish is also not recommended to be used in the diet. Raw fish fed in excess can...

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IBD Success story In More Ways Then One

This another happy success story that warmed my heart so much...lots of hugs to you and Felice, Hi! Thank you so much for taking 45 minutes out of your busy day to speak with me about the ins and outs of raw feeding and calming my frazzled nerves! I am so thankful to...

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Tiger Can’t Wait !

His name is Tiger. and he says, " Why wait until you mix it in my food....takes to long". I spilled some on the counter once and he licked it right up! Jeanette, California  

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My Natural Cat Book

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