Slippery Elm Bark Uses

Slippery Elm Bark By Jean Hofve, DVM It is very safe and non-toxic. The part of the tree used is the inner bark, which is soft and stringy. Simplest to use is the powdered form, which can be purchased in bulk, or pre-packed in capsules, at most health food stores. It...

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Mr. Tody was caught with his paw in the “cookie jar”

Hello Felice, Had to share this photo with you.  This morning our Mr. Tody was caught with his paw in the "cookie jar"  he had opened the closet door where we keep the Natural Cat Formula and dragged out the package to help himself!  Luckily only little teeth marks as...

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Caesar and Renal Support Diet

As many of you know, I am feeding my “Bambino” Caesar our renal support diet because his one kidney is atrophying. If you are struggling with a kitty (or dog) that has a kidney issue I thought you may want to know what am doing that seems to be working and was...

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Cats and Urinary Issues.

I still get many emails and calls from uneducated feline caregivers about their cats suffering from stones and blockages. It breaks my heart that the majority of cat caregivers still don't get it in regards to a cats true species appropriate diet. I know it's so much...

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Kitty Constipation Causes and Cures

Causes of Constipation There are a number of conditions that can cause constipation in cats, including: Dehydration GI motility problems Painful defecation due to fracture of the pelvis or hind limb, arthritis, or impacted anal glands Orthopedic or neurologic problems...

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Allergies and the Cats eyes

Thank you Linda for this interesting bit of information on allergies effecting a cats eyes. Felice, Mr Mo, age 9 has had a red eye off and on for 3 years. Vet has always said its allergies and likely due to the hot weather, but it wasn't always HOT. Two weeks on the...

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My Natural Cats Book Review

Another great book review for My Natural Cats from Calico Liza.. Felice..I am reading your book and LOVE IT! Our family favors holistic medicine for not only ourselves, but, for our kitties too, and your book has taught us things we did not know..It's a great resource...

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Feline Instincts Has Vitamin D Naturally

Feline Instincts has all the Vitamin D your cats needs naturally in our recipe. If you have a cat, he probably likes soaking up the sunlight. But while he's basking in the sun, your kitty is doing more than just relaxing and enjoying himself. He's also taking in an...

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Dry Pet Food Is The Worst Food

Dry pet food is the very worst food you could feed any animal. Dry food for animals is only a convenient way for humans to feed their pets; not in the least a healthy diet for our pets. In the short run the kidneys become extremely stressed from dehydration over and...

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A Cats Feline IBD and FUS Helped By Reading My Book

Hello! I heard about Feline Instincts through your book 'My Natural Cats' which I came across on-line. After my 16.5-year-old male kitty developed IBD, was misdiagnosed for the first four months of diarrhea, three vets later and all conventional medicine/treatment...

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My Natural Cat Book

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