Six Kitties Love My Natural Cat

Hi Felice!  Here are my babies enjoying the raw diet with your wonderful chicken liver powder. they range in age from five weeks to fourteen years.  We were afraid that we were going to lose the wee one, he was so tiny and just not doing well so I brought him home and...

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Pet Fooled

The film the pet food industry doesn’t want a world of pet food consumers to see; Pet Fooled. To be released January 2017.      

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Caesar 1999-2016

Growing up I never felt I had a connection in this life or that I even belonged on this earth. …until I shared my life with a cat. There was Toddles my first cat in my late teens and then came along August in my early 30’s. Then the finale of furry joys came prancing...

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BEWARE of This Company

BEWARE of this company "Hinterland Herbs", for the way they treat customers! When we were inquiring about the cost of their catnip product and found it was $40 a pound. We thanked them for their time and explained it was too expensive and would find it someplace else...

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Feline Renal failure Just Got Better

Ms Puma’s success story... Hi Felice My kitty Ms Puma had a couple tough weeks and went to the vet who ran some kidney blood work and guess what ?Her kidneys have dramatically improved even though she's 18+yr old now Vet said they were much better than last October...

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Slippery Elm Bark Uses

Slippery Elm Bark By Jean Hofve, DVM It is very safe and non-toxic. The part of the tree used is the inner bark, which is soft and stringy. Simplest to use is the powdered form, which can be purchased in bulk, or pre-packed in capsules, at most health food stores. It...

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Mr. Tody was caught with his paw in the “cookie jar”

Hello Felice, Had to share this photo with you.  This morning our Mr. Tody was caught with his paw in the "cookie jar"  he had opened the closet door where we keep the Natural Cat Formula and dragged out the package to help himself!  Luckily only little teeth marks as...

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Caesar and Renal Support Diet

As many of you know, I am feeding my “Bambino” Caesar our renal support diet because his one kidney is atrophying. If you are struggling with a kitty (or dog) that has a kidney issue I thought you may want to know what am doing that seems to be working and was...

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Cats and Urinary Issues.

I still get many emails and calls from uneducated feline caregivers about their cats suffering from stones and blockages. It breaks my heart that the majority of cat caregivers still don't get it in regards to a cats true species appropriate diet. I know it's so much...

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Kitty Constipation Causes and Cures

Causes of Constipation There are a number of conditions that can cause constipation in cats, including: Dehydration GI motility problems Painful defecation due to fracture of the pelvis or hind limb, arthritis, or impacted anal glands Orthopedic or neurologic problems...

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My Natural Cats Book

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