Probiotics Are Very Important

Probiotics are very important to our cats and dogs wellbeing even when they seem healthy…. The quality of pet food we feed our pets has a huge impact on their health, their quality of life and the prevention of a number of diseases. But beyond choosing the best diet,...

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Whisker’s Kitty is Raised On Raw Meat w/My Natural Cat

I just want to thank you for making a wonderful product . I have been using your premix and feeding my cat raw meat since she was a kitten for over a year now. I am amazed that she never drinks water. I leave water down for but never a drop. Her coat is amazing ! No...

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Feline Renal Support Diet Gave Zoe 4 More Years

Our Renal Diet extended another kitty's life (Zoe) with a good quality of life for 4 more years.. Ms Zoe has crossed over the bridge and we are all sending love to Zoe and Jill for her great loss.. Hi Felice, my 18 year old kitty succumbed to her kidney disease, but I...

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Raw Meat Diet Cured Feline Diabetes

Raw Meat Diet Cured Feline Diabetes Thank you so much : ) Chewy age 9 and has been in Diabetic remission since July 2014 all thanks to your food : ) and also Zebulon age 2 love it too! Both boys are great. But the best of all is Chewy totally healthy not a sign of...

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My Natural Cats Book Review

Felice, I want to tell you how warmed I am by your book. Apart from the invaluable information that you impart, it is truly a testament of your love for and devotion to these fine furry creatures. I have cried and smiled as I have read it and I can only imagine the...

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My Natural Cat Book Review

Good morning Feline Instincts! I just wanted to thank you Felice F Arata (Feline Instincts) and remind you that your book is FABULOUS! I refer to it all the time! I refer to it for my own cats and for clients who have dogs and cats in need of shifting nutritional...

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Feline Raw Diet Is A Success

Hello Feline Instincts! I just wanted to share Nando's latest with you. Nando has been on My Natural Cat since getting IBD at a young age. Nando is now 13, has been thru CHF, kidney disease and now has suspected small cell cancer in his intestines. The vet wanted him...

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My Natural Cat Success

My Natural Cat Success I would like to thank you for your great product " My Natural Cat " as all my furry babies love the premix powder,       Theia (one of my adult ragdoll) used to eat kibble (she prefer kibble rather than raw meat), she simply...

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Homemade Raw Meat Cat Food Cured Asthma

Homemade Raw Meat Cat Food Cured Asthma My cats have allergic asthma and conventional cat food and kibbles just make them cough, except feline instincts. I have no problem introducing raw diet to them by following Felice's recommendation by adding some chicken liver...

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Homemade Raw Meat Cat food

You have a fantastic homemade raw meat cat food product. Whiskey as you may know will be nineteen years old in January. Well, he will not touch any other food now. It has to be his MNC , and he always eats every last bit. He goes mad for it. Have you ever thought of...

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My Natural Cat Book

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