Dear Felice

I’m sooo sorry it’s been so long. I have so much going on here with different things. I also wanted to get a good handle on your book before writing to you too. What a beautiful book it is. Lots of love and adoration of the beautiful beings we share our lives with. So much knowledge, observation and dedication. Anyone seriously bringing up kitty should be reading this. Its written like a true mother. I have of course cried 🙁 others I’ve laughed and I’ve learned a lot. Thanks so much for your gift.

Teddy is doing great eating his Feline Instincts with his organic meats and organic eggs and salmon oil. He especially loves the liver powder (he did before) Its clever stuff, I defy any kitty not to eat it. I’m really pleased he loves his Immu Go. He will eat them as treat or crumbled onto food. I will break him from it soon for a little while as I don’t want him to get picky about it. He likes things for so long then needs a break.

He’s doing well, he’s about 11 now, I’m not sure as he was rescued as you may remember. An example of what any rescue baby can be, given the chance. He’s beautiful and kind and I tell him everyday. He talks, wow has he got every sound going. People who meet him first time say shocked ‘oh my g he actually talks’ I just smile and think umm yes, because he happens to vocalize his thoughts, they all have thoughts and feelings! I’m so proud of him. I tell him god loves him and is proud of him too. He’s full of love as they all are. One thing that tells me everything about the other animals we share the planet with is love, they respond to and need love and kindness. There are many many human animals that this can’t be said about.

I’ve added some photos. He’s regal sometimes but a big kitten. He is very like a lion cub with his rucked fur and gait as he walks, has indomitable spirit but sweet. Boy oh boy do I love my little boy!

Love to you and Alex. He’s a beautiful lucky boy to have a smart, loving mum. I will be in touch soon.

God bless, love and light


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