feline instincts success storiesLove you guys and your products!!!  My cats LOVE their food, and it 100% cured my older cat of his IBS in less than a week (and he was in really bad shape).  Now it’s been over a year, and I feed both cats your diets.  They are so healthy and happy, I cannot thank you enough!  I’ll never feed my cats anything else.

I attached a picture of each of my kitties.  Thank you again for giving me more time with my oldest, Jenkins.  He was so sick and my vet’s food only made his IBS worse.  He had previously been on several medications, had lost weight, and was also losing his hair, and scratching constantly.  I bought your product after searching the web for hours, with little hope of it helping.  Imagine my surprise when he showed improvement within the first couple days.  By the end of the first week, he no longer had diarrhea.  Within a few weeks he was visibly putting weight back on, growing his fur back, and the scratching had diminished greatly.

feline instincts success stories When I found my little one, Lola, on the side of the road last spring, she was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.  My vet said she was probably only a couple weeks old when I found her.  She was filthy dirty, and covered in fleas.  I gave her kitten milk for only about a week before introducing your food, which she took to immediately.  Today she’s a little over a year old, and healthier than ever.  She’s quite the little rascal with unlimited energy.

I really cannot thank you enough.  I tell people all the time that I feed my kitties raw food with your supplements.  They think I’m crazy usually, but I know what results I got, and I feel much better knowing they not only love their food, but that it’s so much better for them than anything I can buy at the specialty pet stores.

Please feel free to use my pictures and comments any way you see fit.  I support your company and your product 100%.

Thanks again, and take care,

Sincerest regards,

Lorelei – Florida