Hello Felice,

I have now blood work showing that your diet has completely reversed Samantha’s kidney failure, as her levels are back to normal. Notice that records show she was out cold a couple of years ago and needed blood transfusion etc. She is in her mid-late teens. I can fax or e-mail you the blood tests taken months apart showing the reversal. Regimen I follow is:

– your raw kidney diet (sometimes I cut out pumpkin, as I’m still not sure about carbs for felines, I also add an extra fish oil cap. I also add more water, making the food more of a soup to increase her drinking)

– Renafood 1 tablet

– Azydil (1-2 small capsules hidden in pill pocket)

– Renal Essentials 1 tablet

– sun exposure (outdoor feline)

– greens (she has fresh growing catnip, catmint, and feline grass, and eats them all daily)

– light olive oil (left on small plate for her to lick)

I started adding small amount of Vitamin C

I’m considering adding Nutramax joint support treats called Dasuquin.

Anton- NY