Some conventional vets will say anything to put fear into their clients and keep them from feeding raw. I often hear illogical statements from them through my clients, such as “don’t feed your cat raw because when he licks you you’ll get salmonella.” My reply was, “they lick their butt, don’t they!?” Talk about bacteria!  If you do the research you’ll know that salmonella stems from all animal feces, not raw feeding to your cat. In reality, a cat’s highly acidic pH system, which allows them to digest raw meat, also keeps the saliva extremely acidic. So you will not get salmonella from your cat licking you. However, if you lick your cat you will have fur in your teeth for months.

 Another one of my all-time favorite vet comments on feeding raw is: “Don’t feed raw meat to your cat because he is domesticated.”  Now that statement left me speechless for days. Did someone redesign the cat’s digestive system and not tell us about it?  I thought to myself, “Do these vets stay up all night thinking of ways to scare intelligent people from feeding raw?”

All cats, not just lions, not just cheetahs, not just leopards and tigers, are wild raw meat-eating animals. Everything about them is designed that way. Yes, that lovable furry rascal that sleeps on your legs at night so you can’t move, eats your plants, purrs in your face and often wakes you up before the sun rises is the world’s supreme hunter. Cats are built to be the most efficient hunting animals on this planet bar none…well, except for the bald eagle, and that bird merits a great deal of respect even from the noble meat-hunting feline!

 It must be said over and over that cats have a naturally pH acidic digestive system, whereas humans have a naturally alkaline one, so that you can understand and remember why, when you feed a cat a cooked, all-alkaline diet of commercial pet foods, dry or canned, they eventually acquire food- related illness, and when fed a raw diet they normally get well. Any time you feed a diet to an animal that is inappropriate to their digestive system they will have diet related health problems. I don’t want you to forget that very important fact.  If you want your feline friend to be healthy and thrive, not just survive along with ill health caused by a cooked diet and huge vet bills, you must feed them the species appropriate diet they were honestly born by design to eat—a good, balanced raw diet.

 Copyright 2014

Felice Arata