feline-instincts-raw-meat-diet-CRF-success-storiesWhen my feline was 15 she had horrible itching and open sores . The only thing that would help with the itching was steroid injections. When the vet did the bloodwork we found that she was in renal failure (not uncommon for older felines). I had to put her on a special wet food diet (she ate dry her whole life!) I was so dissapointed in the preservatives and horrible additives in all of the recommended kidney diets that I decided to search for another Kidney diet for her. That is when I discovered Feline Instincts. I started her on it and although it took awhile for her to adjust she began eating a raw food diet and began to thrive on it. She had the most beautiful haircoat ever!! She never had another bout with itching or any other symptom of kidney disease again!! Sadly I lost her this past April but not due to kidney failure… She was almost 20 and acted like a kitten until a week before her death.

Ten weeks ago our beautiful blue Burmese Tobe was diagnosed with acute kidney failure.. cause ..possibly dehydration and peridontal disease.

I was heart broken and our vet gave him a 50% chance of recovery, put him on an intravenous drip and kept him under close watch at her clinic for 7 days and nights. My husband and I are complementary health practitioners from Oxford in the UK and wanted to treat Tobe nutritionally and homeopathically without the use of drugs. Lucky for us both vet’s at the practice were keen to work holistically so off I went in search of a solution. My search took me to Texas and Felice at Feline Instincts. I called her the very same day feeling very emotional, she patiently listened to my plight advising and consoling me. My order arrived all the way from the other side of the pond within 4 days!

Tobe is doing very well and loves his new diet, he was already used to raw food but now loves the Kidney diet and will eat anything with a sprinkling of chicken liver powder!

The Leba 111 has worked wonders with his teeth, the vet is vey impressed and may stock it in her practice.

A homeopathic vet is a must and Anna Marie Gardner will advise by phone or e-mail. A big thank you from us all here in little ol’ England!

Happy Customer, UK