Dr Gardner treats feline and canine pancreatitis and liver holistically with a few supplement tablets cats generally like and eat like treats and she has had great success with.  You can contact her at her email address drgardner@petsynergy.com or visit her website at www.petsynergy.com. Dr Gardner treats those issues successfully and doesn’t recommend prednisone treatments because they just masks the health issues while reducing the immune system whereas the animals eventually dies from that instead of the original illness.

I know of many cat and dog owners who have spent a “fortune” on regular vets when treating health issues like this and by the time they’re done the vet visits and medications they have spent a great deal more than one consult with Dr Gardner. It’s a shame that by the time anyone finally gets to  true holistic care they have drained their finances at regular vets and don’t have anything left for truly good advice from a good holistic vet; where there is little harm done to the animal and a much better turn around for the animal too.

Felice F. Arata