Dry pet food is the very worst food you could feed any animal.

Dry food for animals is only a convenient way for humans to feed their pets; not in the least a healthy diet for our pets. In the short run the kidneys become extremely stressed from dehydration over and over again as the dry foods absorb all the moisture from their body and their kidneys; cat eats dry and drinks lots of water, cat eats dry and drinks a lot more water, thus causing the kidneys to constantly over work and damage them sooner than aging does

Think of it as if you ran your body all day every day without stopping and you heart couldn’t take it anymore. The animals’ kidneys are the same way. Over work any organ and it will surely fail on you.

All organs have a life of their own that needs to be cared for properly. Cats and dogs are not supposed to be drinking water all the time. Cats are descendants of the desert cat where they can go long periods of time without water because they get the water from the raw prey they eat (blood) and this is held in their colon for long periods of time. Not many people know this unless they study the cat from where it cat from.

Feeding dry foods is like feeding your child potato chips with a vitamin pill for all their life.


Felice Arata – Felice Instincts

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