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Feline Liver and Toxins

What you need to know about the feline liver. The Feline Liver Has Low Tolerance To Toxins and is just another reason why you need to get them blood work every year from ages of 10 up…. Many substances are especially toxic to cats because their liver has a low...

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Feline Emotional Issues & Flower Essences

Here is a list of the emotional issues for felines and dogs that are cured by certain flower essences. Animal-Repertory Help your feline become healthier by changing to a homemade raw meat cat food diet, supplemented with “My Natural Cat”. Felice F Arata Feline...

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Feline Teeth Cleaning Precautions

Teeth Cleaning Precautions for Felines and Dogs Make sure the vet takes special care for your feline or dog before and during surgery especially if your fur friend is a senior pet and that means they do not get any pre-shot! They should only give gas and nothing else...

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Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Winn Feline Foundation Report on Taurine’s Role in Diet and the Health of Felines Progress Report Investigators: Angela G. Glasgow, DVM; Nicholas J. Cave, BVSc, MACVSc; Stanley L. Marks, BVSc, PhD, Dip. ACVIM (Internal Medicine, Oncology), Dip. ACVN; Niels C....

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The Possible Hazards of Whole Raw Ground Rabbit

Be very careful where you purchase ground rabbit meats. This article is only to inform you of the possible problems your kitty may have with ground rabbit and to help you become more educated on how rabbit bones should be ground for better digesting. We also want to...

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Felines, A Homemade Raw Meat Cat Food?

“Take away that by which the feline lives and you take away its life.” Why Do Our Felines Need A Homemade Raw Meat food Diet? Our Felines Are Dying Too Young! Your felines immune system has the ability to resist and recover from disease and injury. Their immune system...

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Feline Premade Raw Meat cat Foods

Beware of all pre-made meats that are made with only chicken necks, backs and frames. This kind of pre-made raw meat will cause an overabundance of calcium in your feline or dogs system leading to kidney and bladder stones! The most ideal Ca:P ratio in the felines...

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Pop Top Cans and Feline Thyroid disease

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association March 15, 2004, Vol. 224, No. 6, Pages 879-886 doi: 10.2460/javma.2004.224.879 Epidemiologic study of relationships between consumption of commercial canned food and risk of hyperthyroidism in felines. Charlotte...

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Is Feeding My Feline Raw Meat Dangerous ?

Is Feeding My Feline Raw Meat Dangerous Due To The Risk of Salmonella and E. Coli ? No. The digestive tracts of felines and dogs are very different than those of humans. The human digestive tract is approximately 25 to 28 feet long with stomach acidity between 1.5 and...

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