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Pet Food Not Fit For Felines or Dogs

FOOD NOT FIT FOR A Feline or Dog By Dr Wendell O. Belfield, DVM The most frequently asked question in my practice is, “Which commercial cat and dog food do you recommend?” My standard answer is “None.” I am certain that feline and dog owners notice changes in their...

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Feline Pet Foods – Healthy or Deadly?

Commercial Pet Foods Healthy Choice or Deadly Mistake? Every year the pet food industry makes millions of dollars selling their products that claim they are a “Complete and Balanced Diet,” but commercial pet foods are unfit for animal consumption. The American...

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The Truth About Commercial Pet Foods

From Ann Martin’s book “Food Pets Die For“ The pet food industry, a billion-dollar, unregulated operation, feeds on the garbage that otherwise would wind up in landfills or be transformed into fertilizer. The hidden ingredients in a can of commercial pet food may...

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10 Things Your Veterinarian Won’t Tell You

By Kelly Barron  1. “Good thing you love Schatzi like a son. His care could cost as much.” After a New York City taxi struck Jessica Malionek’s dog, Mojo, flinging him 30 feet in the air, she spent $4,000 for veterinarians to perform emergency treatment and then...

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Pet Food Rendering Plants

A LOOK INSIDE A RENDERING PLANT By Gar Smith Rendering has been called “the silent industry”. Each year in the US , 286 rendering plants quietly dispose of more than 12.5 million tons of dead animals, fat and meat wastes. As the public relations watchdog newsletter PR...

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My Natural Cats Book

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