Feline Diabetes

Feline Instincts’ ongoing, continuous Study on Additional Feline Organ Support (Canines can have similar results)

Very often we are asked what more can be done, other then diet, to protect the health of a feline or dog. This report will answer that question.

For more than a decade, Feline Instincts has found beneficial for our felines results by adding additional supplements (under the direction of our vet) for the heart, kidney and gums. You can help your fur friend age slower and more gracefully also. None of our felines passed away with any kidney, pancreas or liver failure because we supported those organs along with their raw diet.

We know that the best diet for our fur friends is a balanced raw diet. What we didn’t often realize is that no matter how well we feed our pets they still age in less years then we do. Aging causes the organs to deteriorate over time. We asked our holistic vet what more can we do at Feline Instincts to help support our felines health besides a balanced raw diet? She said that a feline at the age of 5 years old can start additional kidney and heart support supplements.

By targeting specific organs with supplements designed for these organs we can help our fur friends age more slowly and extend their lives in a healthy way. Feline Instincts’ ongoing, continuous study report is here now to help you find more ways to keep your feline or dog’s body stronger longer while thriving on their balanced raw diets.

As prescribed by our vet, we use one a day of the following to support heart, liver and kidneys in healthy felines:

  • Standard Process Renafood one a day
  • Standard Process Cardio Plus
  • Standard Process Feline Hepatic Support
  • Colostrum by Symbiotics. Colostrum by Symbiotics – This product is for a healthy immune system and intestinal tract. My felines love licking it up when mixed with a little water on their meals or alone. You can also use capsules.

The following have proved to be excellent supplements for digestive disorders,,,..

Gastro ULC
Power Probiotic
Soothing Digestive Relief
LypoZyme For Pets
K9 Digestive Enzymes

Since 1997, we have been supplementing all our felines with a heart supplement by Vetri-Science called Coenzyme Q 10 and in January of 2004 we started an additional tablet by Standard Process called Cardio Plus also for their hearts. We started our felines on the Coenzyme Q 10 supplements in 1997 when we un-expectantly lost our Bali to congestive heart failure. Over the years we still hear of pets dying from this disease and it saddens me greatly. We can do more to help our pet’s hearts stay strong. Vetri-Science Coenzyme Q 10 also helps with their gums.

When one of are felines was sixteen the just the kidney creatinine levels showed a slight increase. We started her on Standard Process’ Renafood tablets once a day along with her regular raw diet My Natural Cat . In 30 days we had her blood rechecked and saw that slight increase had gone down below the high end. The supplements worked!

Feline Instincts raw meat cat food - out feline photo galleryCaesar has been on Vetri-Science Coenzyme Q 10 since we found him as a 4 week old kitten, starving and sick in 1999. He had an ongoing red line on his gums for several years. Antibiotics did not help him for the gum redness. Caesars’ gums are well now but we continue this supplement to keep his gums healthy. He takes this supplement along with the heart and kidney every morning before his breakfast meal. Fortunately, Caesar loves to eat his Standard Process tablets right from his plate. We do however mix the Coenzyme Q 10 into his meals the same way we did for our other felines here at Feline Instincts.


Feline Instincts raw meat cat food - out feline photo galleryKing Tut had a serious lung problem. His lungs were clouded, he had an enlarged heart and he coughed a lot. I was told back then to give him prednisone shots once a month. I used this form of treatment for awhile but stopped it as soon as I found Dr Gardner and she told me how terrible prednisone medications are to their immune system.  Prednisone medications only cover up the health problem and never cure the cause of the illness. King Tut was treated with the Pneumotrophin PMG along with some homeopathy. After a year I stopped his supplements when his lungs cleared and his heart went back to normal size. However, during his yearly routine exam of x-rays and ultrasound I discovered his lungs were slightly clouded again and I had to start the supplements all over again. One year later his lungs cleared up again. Tut remained on his lung tablets along with the heart and kidney support pills for his whole life. I believe that his lung issue was caused by the terrible air pollution we have now in our world and especially in the Dallas Ft Worth area.

While we do not believe in drugs for cures and only use them when absolutely necessary, all the Feline Instincts’ felines are treated with various whole glands and natural supplements to help support their heart, kidney and gums. When they need an occasional liver detox we use Milk Thistle for a month or two and a prescribed homeopathic remedy for a week. The liver is the easiest organ to turn around if you catch it in time. This is why a yearly check up is so very important for your fur friend.


Feline Instincts uses allopathic vets when needed veterinarian. Our holistic vet right now is Dr Trish at The Healing Place in Crystal River Fl.  Dr. Trish takes blood work and does exams for our Alex. All supplements we used in our ongoing study were prescribed by various holistic veterinarians.

Always consult with a holistic vet before giving supplements to your pet for the dosing amounts needed.

“Your felines truly are a testament to holistic care, and a homemade raw neat cat food diet”.

Dr. Gardner


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