Thank you Jan for sharing your BEAUTIFUL furkids and the GREAT news about Mr. Toby

Hi Felice,homemade fraw meat feline diet
First of all thank you so VERY much for all your wonderful knowledge in dealing with the situation of feline FLUTD. It helps us so much yesterday when speaking with the vet in regard to a better understanding of his situation.

They were only able to get urine by a syringe and ran test on that. They found that he has a very bad urinary tract infection and have put him on antibiotics. The vet was not able to get a full stream of urine even while he was there for almost 6 hours yesterday; so we don’t know as yet what if any crystals may be in the bladder.

He is acting completely normal and inhaling his raw chicken diet; 3 x already today. I’ve added a bit more water and that too has seemed to help. He just past his first stool in about 2 1/2 days!

Thank you again dear Felice! Our babies are so Very grateful to you and Feline Instincts!!
You’re the best!homemade fraw meat feline diet

I have attached a picture of Mr. Toby and his craving for My Natural Cat recipe!! He knows where we keep it! And a couple of your other extremely satisfied customers, Cleo & Chloe!

Kindest regards

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