My Natural Cat Recipe Instructions

Feline Instincts homemade raw meat cat food

How to make a homemade raw meat cat food recipe with My Natural Cat supplement for felines and kittens. This recipe has proven itself with thousands of felines all over the world.

  • Please follow the recipe instructions as directed.
  • Do not use meat that has bones in this recipe.
  • Feed 1/4 to 3/4 cup twice a day; depending on how active or ill your feline is. Your feline may require more if recovering from an illness or very active.
  • 1/2 cup/64 grams My Natural Cat supplement
  • 1 & 1/2 cups/337ml cold filtered water (1/4 cup more with ground meats)
  • 2 Salmon oil capsules (1000 mg each. Or one stroke of the salmon oil pump we sell)
  • 2 lbs./900 grams of raw muscle meat; cut up in pieces or ground  (see below the kind of meats to use)
  • 3.5 oz. / 1/2 cup raw liver (Chicken liver for all poultry & beef or calves for beef & lamb)
  • 2/3 cup/80 grams My Natural Cat supplement
  •  1 & 1/2 cups /337ml cold filtered water (1/4 cup more with ground meats)
  • 2 Salmon oil capsules (1000 mg each. Or one stroke of the salmon oil pump we sell)
  • 2 lbs/900 grams raw muscle meat; cut up in pieces or ground skinless boneless chicken or beef meat (see below the kind of meats to use)
Important Information About the Type of Raw Meat To Use

Never make a recipe of all organ meats such as hearts. They give felines and dogs diarrhea. A little is OK.

Use dark chicken or turkey. Beef meats such as stew meats, Buffalo, ground beef (not too lean and not too fatty) or sirloin tips. Rabbit meat is good but to try and de-bone a rabbit is the hardest thing to do and I will never try it again. Some of my customers have fed Ostrich meats but I haven’t found it to try it yet. Lamb meat is good but fatty, so don’t use it too often. Never use pork or fish(**).

We feed our felines chicken most of the time made 100 % boneless skinless thigh meat. Also dark ground turkey . Our felines don’t like turkey as much as they like chicken so we sprinkle the tops of those meals with our chicken liver powder. Only two of my male felines can tolerate beef meats – the others throw it up.

Some of our feline and canine friends are finding ready made meats that have the bone in it or they grind themselves a whole ground rabbit or chicken. If you do this then use our supplement Whole Carcass.

Please be careful of the Rabbit meats you choose.

(**) We do not advise the use of raw pork in the recipes because pigs may carry many disease causing pathogens including Trichinella and the virus that causes Pseudorabies (Aujeszky’s disease). Fish is also not recommended to be used in the diet. Raw fish fed in excess can lead to a Thiamin deficiency. felines can also get hooked on the potent taste of fish and later on they can have urinary problems from too much phosphorus in their diet.

Mixing Instructions

Begin by adding the filtered water to a bowl.

Add the My Natural Cat supplement and stir.

Add pureed liver by using a food processor (if this is the recipe without the liver powder), add salmon oil, stir, add small chunks of skinless boneless chicken or beef meat, either chopped in small chunks or ground in a food processor… stir again.

Measure daily meals in  freezer safe wide mouth canning jars (any size depending on the felines you’re feeding). If you use the zip lock bags freeze in flat Tupperware boxes, separate each bag with paper towels so they do not stick together. Or, freeze portions in ice cube trays and then pop them in freezer bags or jars when frozen. DO NOT warm meals in plastic; you release carcinigetic toxins that way.

Label and date your frozen recipes.

Keep meals frozen for up to 6 months and keep thawed only 2 days. Thaw in tap water and toss in fridge to feed later. Warm meals in hot  tap water only, no microwave.

Use a glass bowl or stainless steel bowl, fill the sink with very hot tap water, add the meat recipe to the bowl, cover the bowl and stir now and then until it warmed. I feel it with the tips of my fingers to see if it’s warm. It’s very quick and you don’t get the toxins from the plastic that way. I don’t have to warm meals anymore becasue my felines decided they like it cold right from the fridge.

Don’t leave food out for feeding more then 1/2 hour, then put back in fridge. It will dry up if left out too long;  you can add some warm water to moisten it again and feed.

Helpful Notes

Feed twice per day.  Felines need 8-12 hours between meals to digest and create the natural enzymes they need to digest the next meal. This is another reason we highly recommend no dry foods between meals and because it also dehydrates the animals kidneys making them work much harder thereby wearing them out a lot faster leading to kidney failure. Dry foods of any kind will lessen the life of the kidneys.

All ingredients of this recipe are essential. Replacing or omitting ingredients will interrupt the nutritional balance.

We did use a food processor to gently whip up chunks of meats and the raw livers separately, but now Whole Foods grinds all our chicken meats for us. Most butchers won’t grind poultry meats for you. I still puree my raw liver so it blends in evenly throughout the recipe.

DO NOT put everything in the food processor at once and make a soupy recipe! Do the recipe in a bowl adding each ingredient and stir after each. One customer used a “Ninja” blender to make the recipe and her felines wouldn’t eat it. When she made it the correct way her felines loved it.

Serve 1/2 – 3/4 cup twice a day or as directed by your vet.

Note: My way of doing this recipe is not the only way. Do what is comfortable for you.

Making the My Natural Cat (MNC) recipe in smaller portion:*

0.3 tablespoon of My Natural Cat powder

0.9 Tablespoon of water

2.3 Tablespoons of meat mix or 1.1 oz

0.3 teaspoon of our liver powder or 0.9 teaspoon of raw liver

0.5 Tablespoon of MNC powder

1.7 Tablespoons of water

4.6 Tablespoons of meat mix or 2.3 oz

0.6 teaspoon of our liver powder or 1.7 teaspoons of raw liver

.8 Tablespoons of MNC powder

2.6 Tablespoons water

6.9 Tablespoons of meat or 3.4 oz

1.0 teaspoons of our liver powder or 2.5 teaspoons of raw liver

1.0 Tablespoons of MNC powder

3.4 Tablespoons of water

9.1 Tablespoons of raw meat or 4.6 oz

0.43 Tablespoon of liver powder or 3.4 teaspoons of raw liver

*There is no way to measure the salmon oil this way so use a little in each meal.

Here is a video to show how Renee makes it.
Feline Instincts does not claim our supplements cure any feline or canine diseases.


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