“We recently became users of the Feline Instinct products. Tucker, the cat, got anorexia. We could not coach him to eat and the only way he would eat was by syringe feeding him. He lost 3/4 lbs. After spending $2000.00 using tradition vet’s (2) and only getting prescriptions that made the cat crazy and syringe feeding him for months the breeder referred us to a Holistic vet, Dr. Don Hamilton, Santé Fe, NM. He recommended that we educate ourselves on the “raw meat” diet. He referred us to the Feline Instincts website. I listed to the video by Dr. Karen Becker and read all of the information posted on the site. At this point we needed to try anything so I bought my first bag. At first Tucker turned his nose but after about a week or so he would take small taste and eventually started eating the full servings. He will now go to his spot and wait for his meals. This truly has saved his life!!! He has put on 3/4 lbs. and is back to his old self, full of energy!! Because of the positive results for Tucker we have put our dog Lexie on the K9 products. She is 9 years old and feel the food can only help her in her senior years. He has lost 1 lb. and loves the food as well.”

Kay Hansen

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