Beware of all pre-made meats that are made with only chicken necks, backs and frames. This kind of pre-made raw meat will cause an overabundance of calcium in your feline or dogs system leading to kidney and bladder stones! The most ideal Ca:P ratio in the felines diet is 1.1:1. However,felines can easily tolerate up to 2:1. Any more Calcium in the diet would cause an over saturation in the body, and can result in Calcium deposits in soft tissue such as Oxalate stones. You need to have more muscle meat then bones to have a properly balanced bone to meat ratio in your feline or dogs diet. Ask your pre made meat supplier if they use breast and thigh meat in their product before you purchase it. Most of the pre made meats out there do NOT use enough muscle meats in the tubes of meats they sell. You want them to use the whole chicken or rabbit.

It has been our experience, along with some other feline families, that certain frozen raw pet patties have larger then normal and sharper bones it their products. This is from not grinding two to three times. Felines will throw up this bones or the bones can get lodged in their intestinal tract. One feline caregiver told me her feline was x-rayed when he stopped eating and they found undigested bones packed in his intestinal track.

Domestic felines eat only the bones from prey that are soft and break like spaghetti. A felines teeth are not as strong as a dogs or exotic felines and can break easily when trying to eat a larger bone like a thigh or leg bone; digesting is easier with softer bones for the domestic feline too. Please, if you want to grind your own rabbits and chicken, make sure the whole carcass is in whole, not backs and necks, and please grind three times.

Help your feline become healthier by changing to a homemade raw meat cat food diet, supplemented with “My Natural Cat”.

Felice F Arata
Feline Instincts LLC
Homemade raw meat cat food premix