Hello !

My 2 sweethearts,Cubby and his Mama,Maggie, wanted me to let you know how much they LOVE your Nat. Cat Mix !!! They are 14 and 15 yrs. old , and have mainly eaten “Wellness” grain-free canned food all their lives. Periodically through the years I have given them a frozen feline raw food made in Milwaukee,Wi. It used ground meat, and since they’ve always preferred ‘pate type meat over chunky-style formulas, I assumed they would easily adapt to and enjoy this raw food formula. Maggie enjoyed it more than Cub, but it really wasn’t a Winner even for her.
Ordered your Premix a couple months ago and kept putting off making it because I don’t have a grinder or processor and was so fearful that offering your recipe made with chunks of chicken thighs(even though I planned on making the chunks as Tiny as possible) was going to be a disappointment for them- and for me.

Boy, was I WRONG !!!!! Even without a sprinkling of the liver powder you enclosed (which they both do love!), the very first time I gave them a sample of your mix they both “scarfed” it down, CHUNKS and all!!! And licked their bowls so clean I didn’t need to wash them!!! (But I did anyway!).
Now when I give them a dollop of “Wellness” Chicken & Herring(which was their favorite flavor before) and a dollop of your “Chunky Chicken Mix” on the same plate, they Always eat yours first -and then reluctantly nibble at the “Wellness”.
Wish I could afford to give them your Mix exclusively, as I can already see after only one small serving a day for a couple weeks a difference in Cubby’s muscle vs. fat ratio. He’s been diabetic for 4 yrs. now,never been overly heavy(2-3 # over his ideal wt.), but now he looks and feels much more toned and muscular. Haven’t tried weighing him as that would require Me to step on the scale with him …

Anyway, they both wanted me to Thank You and Bless You All for creating these Mixes, and for trying to educate the public on all the benefits of raw food !!! I Thank You and Bless You too- Kathy
No pictures of Cubby and Maggie, but a full loving description follows this review..