I believe I will be ordering one of your products to make a raw diet for my cats, but I’m a little confused as to which one to buy.  I believe I should get the My Natural Cat Premix, but am a little confused as to references to the liver powder, and that some cats don’t like it.  Is the liver powder in one of the mixes, but it’s not in one of the other ones?  Or is it always in a separate pouch to mix in with the product?

Answer: The premixes say which one has liver powder; My Natural Cat with liver and My Natural Catn(has no liver). We also sell the liver powder separately.


Also, I watched the videos as to how to mix it, but am not sure if you have to use one mix if you’re using beef and another mix if you’re using chicken. 

Answer: You can make the recipe with any kind of meat your cats like. Beware that some cats vomit all kinds of beef meats.


Since I don’t know whether my cats will like the chicken or the beef, should I try to feed them some raw meat before I mix it with your product to see which one they will eat so I don’t waste your mix? 

Answer: No. Meat alone will not be as enticing to a cat who was feed commercials food before a raw diet as when mixed in the premix and if needed using additional enticements.


And finally, if I used beef, could I buy hamburger, or do I buy something like stew meat and cut it up or grind it?

Answer: NO HAMBURGER please; although there are a few cats that do like this meat I find it is not liked by any of the cats I have had over the years. Hamburger is made from all sorts of scraps and generally cats don’t like that kind of beef meat. I used stew or sirloin tip meats and used the food processor to whip the meat up so that it had some smaller chunks for them to chew on. No need to grind away at the meats in a grinder; that way is very messy and time consuming too.

I have one 10 year old cat with IBD, and I have another 4 year old healthy, but overweight, cat who will also go on your feline raw diet.

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