Good Morning Felice~

Well we got our  box of  * PREMIX , CHICKEN LIVER POWDER AND SALMON OIL *and yes they went crazy again when I opened it!   LOL LOL  They are still playing with the box and paper that it was packed with!

It was so hard to get pictures of them because they were moving so fast to get at it!

1) SLOANE is the one you see IN THE BOX most of the time- she is my 9 months old Maine Coon and SHE CAN’T EAT HER **RAW DIET** fast enough!  We call her the BOWL HOPPER!

2) Then there is PALYNE – my Silver Maine Coon who is 7 1/2 months old- She too can not eat the food fast enough or YOUR CHICKEN TREATS !!

3) GRAYCE is my other Maine Coon who is 4 years old and is my ** LADY **  ( she knows she can’t fit in the box PUT WILL LICK THE BAGS!!! )  LOL

4)  Then my little TILLY who is not a Maine Coon and CAN ACTUALLY FIT INTO THE BOX AND HIDE!  She stays back and watches the craziness of the 2 younger ones and waits for me to take the items out- then jumps in! I think she actually laughs at them trying to get in!

feline instincts success storiesBut they go crazy with the RAW DIET and CHICKEN TREATS!

I have to tell you- I love Dr Karen Becker’s Videos – watch them all the time~ with that being said ~  I decided to purchase HER book on REAL FOOD – SIMPLE HOMEMADE FOOD.  ***If I had gotten her book BEFORE getting YOURS AND READING YOURS ***,  I would not be feeding a Raw Diet because it is so confusing!

Thank-You for putting so much time into yours,  the research you have done,  your information is incredible, things we don’t think about.  AND MOSTLY THANK-YOU for making your PRODUCT!   I’m telling many of my friends about how easy it is to make and they should READ YOUR BOOK!

Again and again….GOD BLESS YOU FOR CARING LIKE YOU DO AND SHARING WITH ALL OF US WHO LOVE OUR 4-LEGGED FAMILY MEMBERS DEEPLY AND WANT THE VERY BEST FOR THEM~  I get a new baby this Friday. She is a RED Maine Coon and only 10 weeks old.  I’ll start her slowly on the Raw Diet…..( She will be able to fit into your box!!!  LOL  For a while anyways!)

God Bless~

Jayne Brown

( A VERY VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!  I GET EXCITED ALSO WHEN YOUR PACKAGE COMES! But I don’t lick it or try to get into the box! LOL)

feline instincts success stories