Hello Feline Instincts! I just wanted to share Nando’s latest with you. Nando has been on My Natural Cat since getting IBD at a young age. Nando is now 13, has been thru CHF, kidney disease and now has suspected small cell cancer in his intestines. The vet wanted him to go off his raw diet so they could treat it with chlorambucil and steroids. He had a terrible reaction to the chlormbucil so he is no longer on it but they insisted NO raw diet with the steroids. Nando was miserable eating canned food, lost weight and had to be hospitalized with dehydration and anemia. Finally his staff said enough, we don’t care what the risks are, it’s a quality of life issue! Nando purred as he ate his first raw My Natural Cat food in a month! And a month later he is happy, gaining weight and just got great marks on his last tests! He is a cat with alot of congenitive issues but his staff is convinced the raw diet has given him a much better chance at dealing with them. So if your vet wants you to go off a raw diet think carefully about it! We now take extra precautions with the raw meat but it’s clear cats thrive on it! Thanks again for your great product!