Feline Vaccine overdose and pancreatitis disease..

Since I used chronic gastroenteritis as my example in the main story, lets continue on with that topic.

Acute feline pancreatitis and chronic recurring pancreatitis has become a frequent diagnosis in conventional veterinary circles.

We used to believe that the owners were at fault for feeding “table food” to the pet. But this doesn’t explain the rash of pancreatitis diagnosis in animals fed prescription diets or the fact that pancreatitis recurrs in animals on these diets.

In my estimation there are two main triggers for this epidemic of pancreatitis:

1: repeat vaccinations. I am going to jump up on my soap box and rant. REPEAT VACCINATION IN ADULT ANIMALS HAS BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO BE UNNECESSARY! Duration of immunity studies have shown that the core vaccines in both dogs and cats is 7-9 years!! There are also numerous studies in the animal and human literature linking vaccines to autoimmune disease: including pancreatitis and thyroiditis, among other things

2: High carbohydrate dry food diets also known as Kibble. These diets are the exact opposite from what a dog or cat would eat in nature. They are too dry, have too slow a transit time through the intestinal tract and turn to sugar when digested. These diets are a leading trigger for pancreatitis and diabetes.

If you have a pet with chronic recurring gastroenteritis or pancreatitis, come see us.. we can treat the underlying cause and resolve the problem.

Our treatment methods utilize classical homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal therapies to address the root cause to cure the illness.

DR Becker

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