Alex and Caesar receive a whole body glandular tablet almost every day to support their immune system. This is more than just the individual organ support I discussed in my article “12-Year Study on Organ Support” and provides additional help as they grow older and their immune system weakens. Case in point: if I had done this for Lady N, King Ramses and King Tut, maybe they would have had stronger immune system protection against getting cancer when they reached the ages of eighteen and twenty. We all know that older age and weaker immune systems go together..

The specific kidney support from Standard Process Renafood kept my cats from ever having high kidney values or kidney failure. Each Renafood tablet offers whole food support for healthy renal function and supplies approximately 100 mg. kidney bean plant extract (including kidney bean pods), 70 mg bovine kidney PMG™ extract, 50 mg. bovine kidney, and 2.3 mg. enzymatically processed tillandsia (an air plant) and beet root.

 The difference between the Standard Process individual organ support and glandular support I give my cats is that the Renafood is a specific organ support, not a whole body immune support like glandulars. The immune support glandulars we give Caesar and Alex are for Liver, Brain, Stomach, Kidney, Heart, Spleen, Pancreas, Duodenum, Thyroid, Thymus, Adrenal, Parotid, Pituitary and Bone Marrow.

Simply explained, glandulars are products that have been made from the glands and organs of animals, usually cattle, sheep and hogs. The material is finely ground and dried, then processed at low temperatures to retain the enzyme and nutritive value of the products. The glandular concentrates in our premixes and those we sell that are provided by Dr. Swift are from New Zealand range-grazed animals. No fertilizer, solvents, hormones, antibiotics or feed supplements are used on the animals the glandulars are made from.

 The uses of glandulars vary; the basic principle for their use is to provide the body with substances to enhance the restoration of balance and function to the cat’s immune system. Extra support could help the aging cat to live longer while fighting off age-related diseases from accumulated toxins from the air or from general daily life, all of which are hard to resist with a weakened immune system.

 For example, if we were to simply supplement the feline thyroid with medications, the cat’s body would have no motivation to restore the organs to function.  It would just use the supplemented material and never “gear up” to have its own organs do what they were intended to do. Let’s just think for a moment about what it is we do when we supplement the cat’s thyroid.

Rarely is thyroid dysfunction recognized as a symptom of chronic disease.  Think about what must happen in the body to have it “forget” to produce one of the important hormones, or to have the receptors “forget” how to recognize the hormone, or to have the immune system decide indiscriminately that the thyroid gland is foreign and needs to be destroyed. That’s a body out of balance and a dis-eased body for sure.

 Furthermore, conventional medicine has never answered the why of the symptom—the deep and underlying reason why there is inadequate thyroid function.  Conventional medicine has also done nothing to stimulate the thyroid gland to regenerate and repair itself. The only supplements used by conventional vets for thyroid disorders are soloxine or thyroxine, and they do the body more harm than good.

 Prescribing a hormone medication only tells the thyroid to stop hormone production because there is already hormone in the system.  As long as we give a non-glandular thyroid supplement the thyroid will never be stimulated to work, even if it could only work a little bit, because the feedback system is saying “Hey, we have lots of hormones here, you don’t need to make any more.”

 My preference is the same as that of many holistic practitioners, to supplement with glandulars because they nourish the dis-eased glands and organs in the cat, they provide the hormone in a manner that most resembles the normal body functions and they leave opportunity for repair without further deterioration of the gland and its function.

 I would also treat any dis-ease on the deepest level I can.  I have found homeopathy to be an excellent catalyst to restore the body into balance and optimize function. I use raw diet, supplements, herbs, acupuncture and chiropractic to support my cats and to remove the obstacles that prevent cure while the homeopathic remedies are doing their very deep work.