I thought I’d respond to everyone about the raw food approach for felines, since it’s working so well for Maestro, and many of you have felines. Marta recommended that I should change Maestro’s diet radically (due to the health problems he’s had in the past two months).

Unfortunately, until a month ago, I had been feeding him mainly on the overrated and marketed Purina (supermarket) food, which is full, I have since discovered, of indescribable scraps of meat unfit for human consumption and addictive chemicals – so getting him off this was not easy. However, he has now “kicked the habit” and LOVES his new diet of raw turkey, chicken and chicken liver, and I’ll try him on rabbit
today (I figure smaller animals are probably better, I’m not sure that our felines would have “caught” larger animals like cows in the wild!).

What really did it for him is sprinkling on some of the Feline Instinct “Chicken liver powder” which seems to taste amazing for felines. I also found that mixing raw chicken liver with the raw meat worked well as most felines adore liver (but the powder is a good substitute since they shouldn’t eat too much fresh liver due to build up of vitamin A apparently — two or three times a week according to various vets I’ve spoken to).

I also bought their “My Natural Cat”food supplement, which is a great thing to combine with the raw meat (since they can’t get all the required vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc., from raw meat alone).

Anyway, I’m very happy with the results. Maestro is off the chemical food crap, and thanks to raw food and the supplements, his coat is transformed, and the softest it’s ever been. And he’s very happy too!

Anna, Switzerland