Milo’s Story:

Milo has been on the raw diet – with your supplements – now for almost 4mos – and he’s not had any recurrence of the diarrhea – he’s one happy, healthy Ocicat!!  He’s bright eyed and lots of energy – he loves hunting the occasional moth or bug that happens to get in from outside!!! – knocks it silly until I have a chance to get it – he doesn’t eat those though!

Milo…. we are sooooo glad we picked an ocicat! We traveled with him for a week and he handled it well!  No onset of diarrhea!!  Yay!!!!  I still can’t get over the fact his stools have absolutely NO SMELL!!!  Everyone in my family/relatives has felines and I keep telling them.  They have a hard time getting over the fact that he’s eating RAW chicken…but when we traveled with them, they saw for themselves….they were impressed to say the least.

They all knew the trouble I had with him – diarrhea, crystals in his urine (poor boy went through a lot), tri-trichamonas, etc.  He hasn’t been to the vet in 5mos and shows no sign of having to go!  He doesn’t get crystals anymore either.  I don’t leave out water for him because he never drinks it….he gets plenty in his food…I add about 3 tablespoons of water to every meal….he likes it that way and he urinates large and approx 5x per day – nothing plugging him up there!  It’s just wonderful….I wish I what’ve done this years ago!

Meant to tell you, Milo absolutely LOVES those chicken treats Liv-a-Littles – man o man, he would eat the jar if we let him.  He gets one or two every night t and if he doesn’t get it, he sits up so pretty patiently waiting by his dish.  When we get out the jar he goes nuts with a big long extended meow!  It’s too funny!

Shelley, Canada