Order My Natural Cats: A Guide to Diet and Holistic Care for Cats

“My Natural Cats” is a 352-page glossy paperback book guiding you on how to provide holistic care for cats, with a foreword by Anna Gardner MA Vet MB.
An excellent gift for the person with cats you want to help educate.
A feline book filled with true stories of Felice´s cats from the days they started on homeopathy care and raw diets. Felice gives many tips and information on cats´ health, aging and even an extensive explanation on how to read blood work, vet tips on various issues and some funny stories of her cats when they ruled the house like cats are born to do. Also, a foreword by Dr Anna Gardner.

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“Devoting her life to helping pets have optimum health by providing exceptional products and sharing her experiences makes Felice truly an angel to us and our pets.” – Patricia Meyer, Founder/President The Acme Foundation

“As a holistic veterinarian I have greatly enjoyed reading this book, which is a personal and informative book about holistic cat care. It has a lot of great information, moving stories, and little known facts, and I will definitely be recommending it to my clients and cat-lovers everywhere. This is a must-read for those seeking out more quality care for their cats!” – Anna Gardner MA Vet MB

“Cats, consciousness and compassion married to the highest product integrity and dedication to customer service are the foundation for Felice’s unique gift of natural health, well being and friendship for cats and clients alike”. – Julia Bondi -Astrologer/Counselor/Writer

“Without exception, Felice’s cats have thrived on a raw diet, recovered from illness, and lived longer lives. They rarely need veterinarian care.” -Patrick Reeves DVM, Ft Worth, Texas

“In keeping with her business name of “Feline Instincts”, Felice has a natural understanding of cats. In her book “My Natural Cats” she shares her expertise and commitment to improving the lives of our feline friends naturally, which in turn brings joy to us all. 
” – Maya White, Astrologer and Author – www.mayawhite.com Helping businesses and people find their best place for success.

This Book Is dedicated to the loving spirits of
Bali, Lady Natascha, King Ramses and King Tut


Without the many lessons they have given me this book
could have never even been a whisper of a thought.


My Natural Cats Book

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